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How to Win Back Lost Customers

Billions of dollars are lost every year from organizations whose clients choose to clear out. The normal procurement cost per client for many mid sized to large companies, is a harsh $400. Increase that by the many clients that leave and you can see the significance of keeping  clients happy.

So what do you do to get them back once they’ve cleared out? There are a few strategies you can execute today to recover your clients and one system that you can set up to keep them from leaving again.


How To Prepare For The One on One Situations

Set desires in advance– Let your clients know that you’re there to tune in. You are not there to safeguard the activities of your organization or argue about what could possibly have happened. You’re there to listen and get thoughts on what you could have done to improve the client experience.

Drop your guard-When you ask your clients what made them feel that leaving was the main choice, be prepared for mercilessly genuine answers. Toughen your skin and recollect that you’re there to figure out how to enhance your business. On the off chance that they give you only one thought, you can execute that idea immediately. If it helps keep other clients from leaving will be justified regardless of the verbal ambush you’ll get.

Be compassionate-Customers can sometimes feel like just a number when dealing with many businesses. They feel that nobody in your organization cares.  You can show that your organization cares by listening and being empathetic.


Personal Approaches

Call your client-This should be done by you, the proprietor or, in a larger organization, somebody at the senior level. A call from somebody in power sets up believability and offers significance to the call. Relegating this assignment to somebody who doesn’t have the power to change arrangement or strategies is an exercise in futility. Clients need to know they are conversing with somebody with the ability to change things.

Send standard mail– By utilizing post office based mail with an answer card you can reach a larger number of clients than calling alone. The challenge is getting your previous clients to send a reaction. You can expand your reaction rate by including a motivator for responding. Make the motivator something that won’t appear to be self-serving. A sample would be a $5.00 gas card rather than 25% off of something you offer.

Offer to take them to lunch– This technique works for little organizations with neighborhood clients. On the off chance that you work together in a littler town, word of mouth can represent the moment of truth for you. Your notoriety in a littler town is your most significant resource. Taking a seat with your previous clients and truly attempting to get answers will do wonders for your notoriety. This is rarely done and will build you up as a pioneer in your town.

Town Hall Meeting– This is a chance to get a great deal of reactions at the same time. Since the tension might get high, the test is in keeping control and not letting clients gather as one and assume control over the meeting.  A town lobby meeting will give you important data and knowledge into the way your clients see your business and its practices. They want to see changes before they will return. You should roll out the improvements and be evident about it to restore your believability.

Organizational Approaches

What happens if you are unable to take a personal approach or your customers are people who had subscriptions or purchased products online?  You will have to change a few things about the way the general public views your business.


One of the reasons your business has lost customers may be due to competition and a string of let downs by your product or service.  In both cases, its important to reinvent yourself and your brand.

In early 2016 Domino’s Pizza’s sales have been surging.  The pizza chain was almost down for the count 5 years ago as it struggled to keep customers.  But after a massive reinvention, a new found commitment to food quality, and an aggressive PR campaign to match, Dominos is seeing a revival of its pizza delivery business.

Take of look at your business and its model.  Has the business model become stale?  Has your business growth been at the expense of product or customer service quality?  If so, it’s time to reinvent yourself and the business.  The key is improve your product or service while changing the way your business is viewed by your target market.

The ICU Protocol-How To Keep Your Hard Won Customers From Leaving Again

You’ve finished one, a few or perhaps the greater part of the client recuperation procedures and a few clients have consented to return. Keep in mind, as of right now you must give preferable treatment to those clients that you have won back.  They are just as likely or more to leave again. So what do you do now?

You send them to the ICU – the emergency unit your business. You don’t have an ICU? It’s an ideal opportunity to make one. Much the same as the ICU in a doctor’s facility systematizes the treatment of a patient to get them headed for recuperation, the idea behind having an ICU in your business is to systematize the client recuperation procedure to guarantee a reliable result. Your ICU will have the accompanying mission.

The ICU is a committed group whose sole obligation is to deal with your client’s experience until your clients are prepared to be discharged into standard client care. Your clients will have a devoted individual from the ICU accessible to go as a contact in the middle of them and your organization.

The ICU is committed to improving your client’s experience. It is also responsible for implementing best practices from client recuperation procedures.

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