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5 Ways to Attract Clients for Your Facebook Ad Agency

Just like running any other business, operating a Facebook ad agency requires lots of marketing in order to take off and eventually succeed. A Facebook ad agency is a type of social media management business that focuses primarily on managing Facebook ads for clients. Running a Facebook ad agency means you’re providing a service to other business owners that’s in high demand, so naturally you want to be the best and reel in as many clients as possible. In this article, you’ll learn 5 ways to find clients for your agency so you can get started on the road to success.

What Do Clients Look for in an Ad Agency?

It’s not as easy to run a business as it used to be. Although modern technology has opened up so many opportunities to small business owners, it also comes with drawbacks. Online platforms can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate, and it takes precious time away from product development and other important responsibilities. When business owners look for an ad agency, they’re seeking to outsource advertising for convenience. Above all else, your clients will prioritize visibility, convenience, cost, and efficiency.

1. Stay Active on Facebook

It sounds obvious, but this tip can surprisingly fall through the cracks. You don’t want to use Facebook exclusively for advertising. Rather, you should stay consistently active on Facebook to stay on top of trends and changes in culture. Creating a Facebook group or page can also help you connect better with others online. Times are rapidly changing, and you want to change with them so your clients know you’re capable and in tune with the modern world.

Other social media platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter can help you get an even better feel for what’s trending in the online world. You don’t want to get left in the dust by competitors because you neglected to look at what’s popular online. Managing online content is also much easier when you know your audience inside and out.

TIP: Facebook has been proven to be the most effective social media platform for ad content. According to LinkedIn, Facebook is responsible for 10 times more engagement with brands than any other social media website. You definitely want to start there before branching out anywhere else.

2. Use Freelancer Sites (Such as Upwork & Freelancer)

Freelancer websites like Upwork and Freelancer are a huge opportunity for your Facebook ad agency. Most freelancers specialize in one or more specific areas, so your ads are in experienced, professional hands. Graphic designers are also becoming more and more popular on freelancing sites, and those skills can set your ads apart from the status quo with unique styles and eye-catching headlines.

Freelancers are individuals who work for themselves rather than a company. Because they’ve chosen their niche and work their own hours, freelancers are usually highly passionate about their work, which means higher quality output. Most freelancers work at their own chosen rate of pay, so you can easily find someone within your budget who will also deliver the results you’re looking for.

3. Target Local Businesses

Local businesses frequently fall behind due to a lack of social media presence. Where large corporations can afford to hire social media employees and run expensive ad campaigns, it’s not the same game for your local mom-and-pop shop. Business owners working on a small scale don’t have the time or energy to spend hours cultivating the perfect online presence – that’s why they need you. With Facebook providing advertising space for over 90 million small businesses worldwide, it’s clear why social media activity is so crucial to business growth.

4. Offer Services to Friends and Family for Testimonials

Never underestimate the power of the resources all around you – including in your own home. You can offer your ad services to friends and family in exchange for reviews and testimonials that can help your agency thrive. Even if you don’t have any friends that run their own business, you can advertise other things, such as local events, gigs, festivals, and even hobbies.

You can also approach a small business owner directly with the same offer. Most small businesses won’t refuse a free advertising opportunity because they simply can’t afford to pass it up. Not only can this potentially create a client for the future, but it establishes a positive relationship between your agency and local business, which means people will be talking about your services. Even a one-time service can be a great investment in the long run.

5. Create Samples You Can Pitch

One creative way you can find clients involves making up ad samples. When you see a social media ad that you find lackluster or unappealing and you know you can do a better job, set some time aside to work up a revision. Make the changes you think would help the ad stand out and perform better, and then present it to the business directly as a suggestion.

This shows you’re willing to take initiative and that you’re more skilled than their current agency. Even if your sample is rejected, you can always add it to a portfolio for inspiration later. If the business likes your sample, you’ve likely earned access to a new client who you can continue to impress with future work.

The Takeaway

Social media creates a massive opportunity for your ad agency to grow and succeed – all you have to do is put in the work and know how to market yourself. Facebook in particular presents you with countless methods to contact clients and create effective content. Taking advantage of its benefits can make sure your ad agency thrives long-term.

Ari Bratsis
Team Writer: Ari is a writer, blogger and small business owner based in Washington state.

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Team Writer: Ari is a writer, blogger and small business owner based in Washington state.

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