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5 Ways to Build a Stronger Bond Between You and Your Customers

Bonding with your customers not only boosts sales but it also boosts spirits when done properly. When you are capable of inspiring your customers to buy, that’s great. It’s even better when you’re able to create an experience and go beyond their expectations. This doesn’t have to cost you any extra. It’s really about knowing who your customer base is and appealing to their emotions and needs.  This creates loyalty and chances are, they’ll probably tell all their friends.

It’s also a pretty good feeling when you know how to make your customers happy. So here are five ways to create a stronger bond with your customers.

1. Have Dynamic CRM software

There may be no stronger way to form a bond with your customers than to really know them. This is what CRM software does.

Having dynamic CRM software helps you boost your business in an honest way that will be long lasting. As your clients and business changes, a dynamic CRM software will keep up and change constantly. The benefits of CRM software are abundant. You are capable of finding out who your customers are which allows you to market to them properly. The software consolidates your customer information so you can manage it easily and figure out the general needs quickly. It also manages the workflow, allowing you to get more done, streamlining your business with ease.

Repetitive tasks become simple as your CRM software is capable of keeping records of all the smallest details. The system can be set up to send marketing material to sales prospects. Of course the data collected allows your CRM to figure out what messages would work best for what potential clients.

This data comes from contact from your website, phone, live chat, direct mail, marketing materials and social media. You’ll basically have all the knowledge you need to make a sale to each prospective buyer. Knowing your ever changing industry and the prospective buyers within it are essential in building a strong bond.

2. Give Your Company a Personality

When you create a company personality, your customers will feel more of a kinship with you. To develop a personality that draws new customers in and keeps current customers engaged you want to create an emotional tie. This can be done most effectively through social media. Updates and shared content that represents your company and brand gives you the opportunity to show your character.

This is a well-received connection for many so learning to leverage social media to show your voice is essential for the bonding process. If you create a thoughtful social media strategy, you can form deeper relationships with your customers.

3. Make Communication Seamless

Like any friend, you have to stay in contact with them. Knowing where they spend the most time allows you to connect much more easily. If your customers spend most of their time on social media or online going through websites, that’s where you connect with them. If they need to connect with you, making them pick up a land line and call you may cause a disconnect.

There are plenty of ways to have a video chat or instant message one another. This is likely an ideal way of communicating for them. Some customers do appreciate the real customer service representatives they can contact with applications you have on your website. So set yourself up with the right online toolkit to offer seamless communication.

4. Form an Emotional Bond

Statistics tell us that online campaign with emotional content are better received than that of rational content. Think of the fluffy white Persian kittens on the toilet paper packaging. Cats have literally nothing to do with toilet paper but it does speak to the animal lovers.

Emotional tie-in not only helps initial sales but also keeps customers engaged. When customers form an emotional connection to what you say, it’s much less likely they will opt-out of your newsletters. When you wear your heart on your shoulder about your life, your journey, or your company’s beliefs, people becoming emotionally attached to your brand.

5. Show Them You Care About Them

Remember that your business is your customer and let them know that. This can be done by knowing what your customers struggles are. You can get that data through your CRM program. Then appeal to this pain and address how you can make it better for them.

A good example of this is Ikea’s in-store daycare. They know that part of the problem parents have about shopping in Ikea is that their kids get bored. Thus, the free daycare was born.

Think of how you would treat your friends and build this into the relationship you have with your customers. Get to know them and let them see you. Let them know how you can help them and keep giving them valuable knowledge as well as emotion-stoking content. Most of these tips and tricks are free but are priceless when it comes to forming a bond with your customers.

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