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How to Get More Positive Reviews for Your Brand

Businesses that want to expand their branding online should focus on getting more reviews from customers. Businesses benefit greatly when people start talking positively about a product or service.

Not only are they a great way for people to suggest improvements, but businesses can also leverage online reviews for making their brands more visible. If you want your business to grow its sales figures and nurture a loyal customer base, you need to get more positive sentiments from your audience.

Let’s take a look at a few ways to get you started:

1. Improve customer experiences

The most obvious reason people leave positive reviews for a business is when they experience the best from your brand. Unfortunately, people are more likely to leave negative reviews, so you might want to channel your resources toward enhancing customer experiences. For this, you need to provide great products/services, combined with exceptional customer service that works to address concerns and issues immediately. By being responsive to the expectations of your customers, you give them compelling reasons to write a positive review about your business.

2. Engage using social media

What business does not have a social media page nowadays? Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms can help you expand your brand-building efforts and generate customers. But apart from being a crucial audience engagement channel for your business, social media can also be an avenue for effective customer service. Indeed, an online study points out that 35% of customers say they reach out to businesses through social media. You only have to add calls-to-action to posts encouraging your audience to review your page or leave comments.

3. Respond to negative reviews

If there’s one thing you learn from the world of business, it’s that you can’t always please everybody. But that’s okay since negative publicity can still be a valuable means for growing your business. So, instead of hiding bad comments from plain sight, you should respond properly. Whether you are using an auto-responder or not, be empathetic when writing your responses. Ensure your audience that you are still on top of things and that you are doing what you can to make your brand even better. Chances are, the people who posted the negative review might delete what they said or respond positively.

4. Ask for reviews using emails

When a person decides to buy something from you, you will need them to give a review about their experience with the product or service. You can use follow-up emails to remind customers to rate or review your product. For this, you will need to set up an email flow that is triggered by a conversion event. Be sure to make your email simple and to the point so people become more motivated to leave reviews.

Never underestimate the power of online reviews, because in this day and age, successful businesses will have to make sure they build and nurture an audience that helps them grow.

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