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How Often Should You Promote Yourself On Social Media?


Social media was not designed to be something used to generate money for businesses.  Social platforms were and are designed to connect people with other people and with the things they care about.  This is the primary reason why so many entrepreneurs have trouble utilizing social media to grow their business.

We entrepreneurs are used to investing time, money, and energy into something and then evaluating the return on investment. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter were all designed as social tools.  When was the last time you evaluated ROI on the time you spent with your family?

Since these platforms are not at their core business tools, businesses need to speak the language of the platform before seeking to sell something.

The brands and businesses that have succeeded the most using social media have learned how to promote their products and services without compromising the thing that makes each platform enjoyable.  By now you should know that constantly promoting yourself on social media doesn’t work.  You need to find a way to add value and well as letting people know that you are open for business.

In our upcoming book Social Influence: Attract a Massive Following & Drive Organic Sales Using Social Media, we show you how to not only grow your social media but how to increase your influence in order to grow any business.  The book will be available on May 7th.  But in the meantime, here is a breakdown of how you may want to structure your social media post in order to increase engagement.

• 25% new posts about you, your thoughts, what you feel is important
• 25% sharing posts, blogs, websites, and similar that are not yours but are relevant to your audience
• 40% interacting with other people, engaging in conversations on important, relevant topics
• 10% advertising products you love, your own brand, self-promotional content

If you want to read a sample chapter about how we earned are first 100,000 followers, you can click here.


What if you could get in front of thousands of prospects, strangers, and famous influencers with a single tweet or post?  What would that do for you and your business?

We can tell you from first-hand experience that having a large, loyal following is important for business.  StartUp Mindset is currently sitting at about 230,000 followers over all of our social media platforms.

“Influence; not just popularity”

In this book, we will show you the keys to gaining influence and not just growing your following (even though we will show you how to do that too).  We want to show you how to have influence so that when you want your following to take action, they take action.

In this book, you will learn about:

  • The story of how we used Twitter to gain massive influence  for free
  • Monetizing Your Social Media accounts 
  • Attracting a large loyal following
  • Advanced Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram growth techniques
  • How to drive quality leads and sales from your social media accounts
  • Becoming an influential over multiple platforms 
  • How to use your influence to open doors that you couldn’t previously get into
  • Beating Newsfeed Algorithms
  • and much, MUCH more





OR You Can Get it On Amazon on May 15, 2018




Purchase on Amazon for $7.99 Kindle ($12.99 paperback) on May 15, 2018

StartUp Mindset

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