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Emerge App :The Startup That Wants to Streamline E-Commerce Management

Tired of using paper spreadsheets or complicated software? Emerge App is a software solution designed to pick up on those small details that you missed out on. This tool is great for businesses of all sizes. This tool can help you manage your inventory and sales with ease.

Emerge App was created for business owners who are tired of doing everything themselves. It’s a handy tool that allows you to eliminate inventory techniques, pen and paper, and spreadsheets from your life. It streamlines the e-commerce management process by reducing human error. Some of the most common e-commerce startup errors made by entrepreneurs include poor product descriptions and no business framework.

Not having either of these things will cause your business to fail. You don’t want this to happen to you. To ensure the success of your business, you need to use the right tools as well as the right techniques. Here are some great features of the Emerge App.

Enhances Your Online Sales

Sales are the most important component for running a successful business. Without customers and sales, your company won’t achieve its goals. Your business will slowly decline. With the Emerge App, your business is better enhanced, thanks to its unique features of targeting the right customers. More sales lead to more profit for your business.

Detailed Inventory Management

One of the key features of the Emerge App is the ability to manage your customer inventory. This coded language provides you accurate reports and statistics of your entire stock in real-time or recorded events. It also makes sure that your inventory is under high supervision. Your stock levels are constantly being monitored. It also assists you with setting prices of your products with logistics in mind.

Manages Your Accounts

The Emerge App handles all of your accounts for you. You can effectively keep track of all of your profits and losses. There’s no need to hire an accounting team thanks to this mobile app. Some business owners have tried to do it themselves, but have failed to do so in the meantime. Despite what some articles tell you, being your own accountant isn’t a walk in the park.

The Emerge App comes with an accounting solution that business owners peace of mind. You don’t have to switch back and forth between multiple accounts. You can access all of your accounts on one dashboard. You just have the enter the information and the rest will be calculated for you.

Keeps Track of Import and Export

Even small business owners have to learn about import and export trade down the line. Export goods is another ideal way of generating profit. You can also get imports from foreign countries that have high-quality products. Export and import trades are important for ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

The Emerge App makes sure your foreign trade is an ongoing streamlined process. The import and export process has never looked easier. You’ll be amazed the moment you start receiving positive outcomes from this feature.

Manages Orders Back-to-Back

If your business has boomed, then you must be receiving back-to-back orders from your customers. It’s important to keep up with those frequent orders since they’re highly profitable for your business. However, managing your sales is not always easy. The Emerge App manages all of your orders with ease, no matter how busy it is. This app can handle hundreds of orders at a time so you can focus on other things.

Keeps All Your Company Data Safe

As a business owner, you know the importance of data. If you work with a third-party tool like the Emerge App, you’ll ensure that all of your company’s data is safe and secure on the cloud. You can access your documents from anywhere. Emerge’s support team also works around-the-clock to maintain security for its customers.

Provides Multi-Language Support

Even if you’re a small business or an enterprise, it’s likely that you’ll attract customers from across the globe. There may be some who don’t understand the basic English language. Thanks to the Emerge App, you can customize your invoices and other documents into any language you want. This feature makes it easy for you and your customers will be impressed with your services.

Convenient Pricing

Another attractive quality of the Emerge app is its affordable pricing. They offer several pricing plans. The free forever plan includes 10 sales orders per month plus e-mail support. If you choose to bill monthly, Emerge App will start at $29.99 per month depending on how many users will use this app. The bill quarterly plan starts at $28.50 per month, which means you’ll save 5% or $4.50.

Emerge App also offers the billed half-yearly plan at $27.00 per month and the billed yearly plan at $24.00 per month respectively. The paid monthly plans include a dedicated account manager, live chat support, premium features, and unlimited orders and products.


When you’re just starting a new business, you don’t want to go at it alone. It’s going to demand all of your time and attention. When you’re focused on growing your business and attracting new customers, you have to remember that you’re not a superhero. There are times when you’ll overlook something or make a mistake.

The Emerge App is designed to pick up on the tasks and details that you missed out on. This tool is great for B2B wholesalers, distributors, and e-commerce merchants. It helps you with import and export, inventory and accounts, and multi-channel sales. Once you try out the Emerge App, your transactions won’t seem as intimidating.

This post was sponsored by Emerge App.

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