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8 Tips To Attract More Customers To Your Business

If you decide to become an entrepreneur, you must understand that the amount of profit depends on the number of clients in your business. But growing a client base is a rather complicated process, especially if it is not clear where to look for an audience.

Before cultivating brand fans and increasing loyalty, it is necessary to declare yourself, to interest a potential audience. And how to do this, we will tell in our today’s article.

8 ways to attract loyal customers

There are so many tasks a small business owner faces. This results in a lack of time and almost round-the-clock busyness. The lack of large resources doesn’t allow to take risks, conduct large-scale promotions or hire expensive specialists to develop global campaigns. This is the main difficulty.

On the other hand, small businesses are more flexible. It is easier for a small enterprise to adapt to rapidly changing market trends and change development direction. Interaction with the target audience is more personal, so the level of trust in the company is higher.

So what are the main ways to get more customers to the small business?

#1. Run targeted ads

Targeted advertising works more efficiently than regular advertising because it targets a certain category of consumers who are most likely to be interested in your product. That’s why spending on targeted advertising is justified.


#2. Don’t forget about ATL marketing

ATL marketing is the promotion of a company with the help of the press, radio, television, advertising in transport, and so on. Offline marketing is especially effective in attracting customers to a local business. Yes, audience coverage is limited by location, but for a small company that operates within a particular locality, this is just the right way to attract new clients.

Of course, the design and creativity greatly impact the result of ATL advertising. If your ad is indistinguishable from the rest, it is just the money down the pan.

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#3. Start your own blog

It’s great if you can clearly talk about the business or surprise with creative content – you will become a fellow to the client. Therefore, create a user-friendly website and share expert or entertaining articles as blog content: the main thing is that the publications are interesting and useful not only for existing clients but also for the average reader in general, who can only turn into a customer.


#4. Create engaging content and make it easy to find on social media

When it comes to capturing the attention of potential customers, content is crucial. Modern consumers don’t want to be sold something – they want to make decisions on their own. Your job is to create content that allows them to make their own informed decisions while also increasing your brand awareness.

Quality content works for you by going viral. An interested person will share it with friends, and they with their friends.

Many companies today conquer Instagram and Tiktok with the help of cool content. In particular, the audience likes dynamic content in the form of videos.

Shoot cool videos, participate in challenges, create branded masks. Add cool effects, merge MP4 files, overlay soundtracks, or voice tracks. After creating the content, make sure that it is accessible to the audience and easy to find.

If you are promoting text content, using keywords is an inexpensive way to start developing your own promotion strategy.

#5. Participate and organize high-profile events

Event marketing is a great solution for promoting a company, attracting an audience, increasing engagement and brand awareness, and boosting loyalty. Events help build an emotional connection, increase sales, and launch word of mouth, which works great for a local business.

In the era of Covid, by the way, virtual events have come to the fore – more than 80% of event organizers have reached a wider audience with virtual events.


#6. Team up with other companies

Cross marketing is a partnership between two or more companies to promote their services and products. Joint marketing allows you to reduce advertising costs, expand the target audience, increase sales and brand awareness.

The main thing is that your values ​​and the values ​​of your partner coincide or intersect. For example, a toy store can easily advertise a chain of family-friendly restaurants.

Cross-marketing helps to get a quick result because the target audience is replenished with loyal customers of the partner company.


#7. Arrange masterclasses

Attract the target audience by showing the production process and inviting them to the event.

A simple buffet, high-quality invitations, and an engaging program will do. Do you make custom T-shirts for kids? Let your potential customers, along with you, make a T-shirt from scratch on their own. Do you make dishes? Let your customers feel like potters.


#8. Create a catchy USP

In order to make a good USP, you must look at the potential clients’ situation the way they see it. You can solve a problem that isn’t really a problem for customers. Or you can offer, from your point of view, a cool benefit, but the client will not appreciate it.

Well, for example, the fact that you can deliver a coffee machine on the day of order may not be crucial for the client though it’s awesome customer service. And so, and until tomorrow and until the day after tomorrow, if the competitor is cheaper. But, let’s say, if you give a guarantee for 5 years, and a competitor for 1 year, it becomes your game.

Final thoughts

This is just a small list of possible ways to attract customers to your business. In fact, there are many more of them. But even the use of several tools will help to get the first regular and loyal customers.

For every business, something can work better, something worse. Try a few tools to see what’s right for you!

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