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7 Marketing Trends You Should Know About

If you’re doing anything business or marketing related, you’ll want to know what to look for trend=wise this year. Data and research have found that these trends are going to be highly important in the 2020’s. You want to stay ahead of your competition and give consumers what they want. When we look into the mind of consumers, we know that their mindsets are ever evolving. This is based on new technology that’s available, as well as what’s happening in the world. We change what we care about.

Privacy, Being Socially Responsible, and the Digital World We Live in

People have become more concerned about privacy online, which makes perfect sense. They also care about the planet and where politics are going. While your business may not be able to solve all the world’s problems, there are things you can do to instill more trust and comfort for your consumers. Is your business socially responsible in some way? Showcase this. If you don’t know, look deep and find something that shows you care and are conscious about society.




Expect to get a lot of questions when it comes to the privacy of their data. Make sure that you have the right answers for them and do communicate back. There are 43% of consumers who feel like their privacy is at stake when they’re online. Many people don’t know what’s happening to information they offer to you, so make sure you are keeping their information private, and let them know how you’re doing it.


Social and Environment Responsibility

Your customers likely care about social and environment issues more than ever. They want to know that your company is leaving a positive impact on the planet. It may cost you more to do this, but consumer studies have found that over 30% of customers will pay more for products or services that are environmentally friendly. If your brand sells something that involves a lack of ethics, you are likely to lose a huge chunk of your sales. If not now, in the near future. The main consumers are now the Millennials and Gen Z. They are extremely concerned about the environment and where society is going. This is likely a big part of your market.

Nearly 60% of consumers have been found to care deeply about the environment. It is issue #1 in the world today. How are you helping with climate change or decreasing the environmental wear and tear on the planet? Look for ways to do so, and let your customers know what you’re doing.


Visual and Purposeful Content Marketing

Content marketing is really important for any business, and it’s ever evolving. This year, you’re going to need to step up your game and make things more visual. It should also be purposeful. People are far more likely to watch a video than read text. If you do use text, your potential customers are merely skimming the top of it for information they need. Creative, visual content is what the people want now. People want to see:

• Infographics

• Videos

• Animation

• Graphics

• Short and sweet content when necessary

Consumers aren’t looking for fillers either. They want purposeful content that gives them real ideas, and they also expect it to be higher quality. Your competition is paying attention to the trends, and you should too, or you’ll be left out in the cold. How can you create content that really gives consumers what they desire so they will buy your products?


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is still going strong and it looks like this is the year where it blasts off. Developers on a global scale are working with AI or Machine Learning (ML) software now. Marketing decision makers that are in Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketing are spending a lot more on these types of technologies. This is actually increasing every year by 10%. When you get into AI, you are creating a greater user experience for your consumers.


There are going to me more bits and bots than ever before. It’s believed that over 80% of smartphone users will move to a mobile messaging app. Where the people go, the marketers will follow. How can you reach your target audience through ads on messaging systems? Creating sponsored messaging posts is a highly effective method most businesses will be using this year.


Consumers shopping online find it easier when you have a great chatbot on your site that can help them right away. They are your live chat on your website. They are a good presence, and help your customers with whatever questions they have. If you have an e-commerce store, it’s particularly important to have an effective chatbot on your side. Another great thing about this is that you don’t have to answer questions, so it’s a great time saver. It doesn’t cost much to use, and the click through rates are high. It’s also not hard to implement a chatbot. 

Voice and Mobile Search

Most people spend hours on their phones every day. It is how they find information, find out where to buy things, and how to get from place to the next. Many people are starting to use voice search, which is changing the way everyone should create their site.

It’s probably more important to have a perfect mobile site. Google is using your mobile version to index and rank your page. So if your page looks terrible on a smartphone, it’s going to lose ranking and you’re also likely losing customers, because your page lacks a professional look.

Now that you know what the trends look like for the year, you can plan accordingly on how you’ll project your business out to the world. Take advantage of the new technology that makes your customers love you more. There will be a lot of change, and it could directly influence your online sales. Make sure that you’re in alignment with all the best practices that allow you to be seen online.

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Loraine Couturier
Staff writer: Loraine Couturier is a jet set writing chick from Canada that travels around the globe. Her writing and marketing skills are what keeps her eating exotic meals and jumping on planes. Loraine loves writing about pretty much anything and likes to pass on the knowledge she has to others. Visit her at lorainecouturier.com

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Staff writer: Loraine Couturier is a jet set writing chick from Canada that travels around the globe. Her writing and marketing skills are what keeps her eating exotic meals and jumping on planes. Loraine loves writing about pretty much anything and likes to pass on the knowledge she has to others. Visit her at lorainecouturier.com


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