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10 Entrepreneurial Superpowers You Should Be Developing

1. Super Vision

10 Entrepreneurial Superpowers You Should Be Developing

This superpower is the ability to see what others don’t and to focus on it.  Casting a vision is the most important part of running a business.  The business goes where your vision takes it.  Without a vision your business goes nowhere.  With misguided vision your business goes in the wrong direction.

Even if you’re running a part-time business you are the CEO.  The CEO’s main responsibility is to set the vision for the company.  Being able to develop that vision will come in handy when things aren’t going your way or when people attempt to discourage you from making progress.

Superpowers Include:

-Seeing opportunity

-Seeing future trends

Seeing past obstacles

-Seeing the potential you have.

Supervillain Nemesis:


-Tunnel Vision


2. Willingness to Risk (Courage and Bravery)

Another thing that may dissuade individuals from taking the path of the entrepreneur is the high-risk, high-reward system it employs. Most people want some form of security in their lives, and giving up their safe, full-time job is a risk many people don’t feel is worth . If you have the confidence and determination necessary to take these risks, it could pay off in huge ways.

There is no way to be a successful entrepreneur and not take risks.  But taking risk does not always mean being risky.  What it does mean is the willingness to lose something valuable for the chance to gain something much more valuable.

This superpower allows you to feel excitement instead of fear when it comes to risk.  It means that you have the courage to be a real hero.

Things that weaken this superpower:

-Holding on to things too tightly

Supervillain Nemesis: 

-A Full Time Job



3. Passion and Fire

Female fiery human torch silhouette.

Similar to The Human Torch, you’ve got to be able to ignite the fire within and keep it burning no matter what. The old saying goes “love what you do” and you will never work a day in your life” and this is especially true for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Running a business, especially in its start up phase, requires a number of menial tasks and you will often find that there are just not enough hours in the day to complete everything you have to do. The only way one can reasonably hope to get through all of this is to have a true passion for what you’re doing, the field you’re working in and the end-goal of your business.

The tough part is doing those things with passion and excitement.  There are going to be times when you don’t feel like managing your customer list, reaching out to prospective clients, or promoting your new product.  But you may need to do it as if it’s the most exciting thing in the world.  That fire will drive your business and it will pay off.

Things that weaken this superpower:


-Menial tasks



4. Belief in Yourself, Others, and a Bigger Picture

You must have confidence in yourself, in your staff or network circles, and something bigger than yourself.  Visionary entrepreneurs that have revolutionized their industry or the world have believed that they were a part of something transcendent.  Even if you you want to start a small business just to leave your 9-5, you have to believe that there is a bigger market or movement that will require your product or service.

Let’s say you’re determined to get your business started and are ready to get going. You must be confident in your abilities and work comfortably under stress, and uncertain circumstances while multi-tasking and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Once you have your business running you will be competing with a number of other companies that are after the same thing as you, and you’ll need confidence in yourself, and your business, to surpass your competitors.

Supervillain Nemisis:

-All Negative friends



5. Superhuman Determination

The road to successful entrepreneurship is not an easy one, and will often come with a number of failures along the way. To succeed in this business you have to be determined.  Creating a business, making it profitable and finding a team of employees to continue growing your company will require several stops along the way, and probably, some failures as well.

If you don’t have this positive and determined attitude, it might be hard to truly reach your goals. As famous entrepreneur Richard Branson once said, “Few first ventures work out. It is how a beginning entrepreneur deals with failure that sets that person apart.”


Things that weaken this superpower:

-Letting failure stop you.  

Supervillain Nemesis:

-Anyone who tells you to quit

6. Mental Toughness

10 Entrepreneurial Superpowers You Should Be Developing

Having mental toughness is crucial for entrepreneurs.  There will be failures, setbacks, delays, and at times confusion.  Being able to be strong mentally will make all the difference.  Mental tough individuals can not only withstand the bad times, but they understand how capitalize on the good times.

Here is a great article I came across about mental toughness on Potential 2 Success blog.  In the article, he defines mental toughness  and talks about the importance of it in all we do and in pressure situations.  Developing mental toughness isn’t easy, but it is necessary.

Superpowers Include:

-Ability to pick yourself up after every failure where normal people quit

-Ability to stay cool under intense pressure

Supervillain Nemesis:




7. Ability to Connect with Others

There is no substitute for the ability to connect with others when building a business.  After all, it is people that will be buying what you have to sell.  This connection includes having personal connections, understanding what your customers want, and also the ability to network.

Having a personal connection means being able to communicate well with the people you will be interacting with and the people you will encounter on your entrepreneurial journey.  It also includes connecting with your clients and customers and understanding how to solve their problems.

Networking is making use of your connections to create a competitive advantage for yourself, and it requires personality, communication skills, and an understanding of give and take. It also requires foresight. Don’t only try to connect and network with individuals in your field who can help you in the present, create and maintain business relationships with people who may (or may not) be able to help you in the future for the success of the business.

Things that weaken this superpower:

Too much technology not enough conversations

Supervillain Nemesis:



8. Extreme Execution (Getting Things Done)

10 Entrepreneurial Superpowers You Should Be Developing

The major difference between entrepreneurs and everyone else is the ability to develop a business idea, create a plan, and execute that plan.  Ideas are easy, it is the implementation that is sometimes difficult.

We all know someone who looks at a successful product and has said, “I had the idea for that years ago”.  The truth is thousands of people have had ideas for everything that is in existence now.  But only a select few were able to execute those ideas.

Execution is not always about slam dunking a big project.  It is about executing the small daily tasks that usually cause people to stumble.  If you plan on waking up a little earlier to work on your business but end up sleeping in, your execution is off to a rocky start.

Begin to build a habit of execution in everything you do.  That habit will transform your business from idea to reality.

Superpowers Include:

-Doing in 4 hours what takes most people 8

-Ability to deflect distractions

Supervillain Nemesis:

Netflix, Angry Birds, PlayStation



9. Adaptability (Shape shifting)

The one thing that translates across all fields in business, though, is that nothing will ever be the same. This is why the number one trait for any successful businessperson or entrepreneur is the ability to adapt. If everyone was able to see what was coming from around the corner or to adjust to drastic changes on the fly, then anyone could be a successful entrepreneur. Unfortunately, though, that just simply isn’t how humans are always wired.

Markets change and businesses undergo changes while new players appear. If you’re not equipped to deal with these constant changes you will be feeling the burn sooner rather than later. If you do have the ability and confidence to adapt quickly and make smart decisions, though, you will be able to thrive while others would sink – a key quality to any successful entrepreneur.


10. Advanced Learning

Thinking man

Talk to most successful business people and entrepreneurs and chances are they’ll be highly knowledgeable. Not just within their own business or market, but in a wide variety of topics, and can converse eloquently in almost anything. Sure some of this may be charisma, or charm, but one thing that remains constant among most successful entrepreneurs is their passion for constant learning.

Staying sharp from constant learning and reading will keep you ahead of the curve and enable you to maintain a deeper understanding of the market and market trends. That being said, your passion for learning should not end with books and news sources. Although confidence is key, is important to understand that you can learn something from anyone, whether it be one of your employees, another industry leader, or an entrepreneur in another field, make sure to pay attention to their words and their actions because you may pick up an important tip.

Things that weaken this superpower:

-Thinking you know everything

-Too many advanced degrees and not enough real world experience.


Okay, so what happens when your business is now successful? Will you still be happy working in the same role every day? Will the late nights and early morning trying to keep your business at the top of its market wear you down, or make you bored? If the answer is yes, you may just have to remain a mere mortal.

Thomas Martin
Tom is a member of the Editorial Team at StartUp Mindset. He has over 6 years of experience with writing on business, entrepreneurship, and other topics. He mainly focuses on online businesses, digital publishing, marketing and eCommerce startups.

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Tom is a member of the Editorial Team at StartUp Mindset. He has over 6 years of experience with writing on business, entrepreneurship, and other topics. He mainly focuses on online businesses, digital publishing, marketing and eCommerce startups.

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