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20 Businesses You Can Run Part-Time

1. Amazon reselling

Garage sales, thrift stores, and your attic are all places where you can find merchandise to resell on Amazon. Anyone in the world can sell goods as part-time businesses. Amazon has all sorts of valuables, all trendy! All you need to do is sign up for a seller account with them, and you are set to enjoy the returns.

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2. Fiverr Gigs

Here is a question for you:  what will people pay for?  Answer: anything.  That’s right, Fiverr allows those with any type of skill to hire themselves out starting at $5 per gig.  This is a popular place or freelancers, graphic designers, marketers and other people who can work remotely.   But don’t limit yourself, we have seen some pretty weird gigs offered.  One of my favorites is “I will stalk you online for $5“.  I know what you’re wondering, and the answer is yes, people actually purchased a few of those gigs.

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3. Web Design

10 Businesses You Can Run Part-Time

There are many small businesses that need a web presence but do not have a large budget for online development. That’s where you come in.  You can create site professionally for them and maintain the site for a small fee.  Mastering the art of creating service-oriented and value-driven web designs will earn you some good part-time income.  Finding customers isn’t hard either.  Use a service like 99designs.com to bid on projects for possible customers.


4. Freelancing Writing

If you are a diverse writer with the ability to write various publications within a set time, you can get extra income writing for freelance companies. For you to get 100% customer turn around, you should be able to provide quality within set time limits. It is exclusive as it gives you the opportunity to work from home with the availability of the internet. It offers good pay as a part-time business.

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5. Weekend/Evening Landscaper

Man cutting the grass Guy pushing lawn mower

This is as easy as driving around a few neighborhoods and knocking on the doors of the homes that need their lawn mowed.  If you have nights and weekends available, you can cut grass for a few hours and make a decent profit.  All you need is a lawnmower, a weed wacker and business cards with you contact number and price.

6. eBooks

If you are the individual who likes sharing information all you need is to package your skills and knowledge into an eBook that is downloadable. Everyone has skills and knowledge acquired through education and professional practice that delivers value to those seeking to gain knowledge on various subjects. All you need to ensure is; enforcing a strategy that targets and capitalizes on the right audience.

7. Affiliates and Sales Marketing

You may have promoted a company’s product without knowing it. Affiliate marketing is basically promoting a product for a company and getting paid from the sale of one of that companies products. There are offline affiliate marketing programs but the quickest and most convenient way is to join an affiliate marketing program. You can sign up for an affiliate marketing program of your choice such as the Amazon Associates and ShareASale that give incredible offers.

8. Social Media Manager


Having a large social media presence can be awesome.  Managing it can sometimes be difficult.  Answering questions, replying to mentions and posting new content can be time consuming.  StartUp Mindset’s Facebook page grew much quicker than we expected and the Twitter page was not far behind.  We are able to handle it now, but there may be a time when we will have to hire someone else to manage our accounts.

Almost every child and parent uses Facebook and Twitter in the current era. Many companies will pay you to manage their social accounts, to keep people informed about their enterprises. To start up, you need to contact businesses with social media presence and willingness to pay for the services.

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9. Babysitting

You think babysitting is a nanny’s, teenagers, and college student activity who lack fixed daily schedules? Actually you can earn side money as part-time businesses irrespective of your gender working nights and weekends when parents have a date night. In fact, it offers you free lessons on parenting.

10. Cleaning Services for Businesses

Many institutions and organizations need individuals who can provide exclusive cleaning services outside operational hours. If you are willing to spend a few more hours into night and sometime on the weekend, you can make a successful business niche that pays well. You can extend this service to cover homes to earn more income.

Now there is some serious money to be made in this industry.  There have be reports of office cleaners making over $50,000 part-time.

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11.  Photography

If you love capturing moments, you can start a business out of this hobby.  You can be an event photographer for weddings, birthdays and corporate gatherings.  But even beyond that, you can take promotional pictures for individuals who want to market themselves in some way.

Many people are hiring photographers to take professional pictures for social media sites like Linkedin and Twitter.  Many are also hiring photographers for Facebook cover photos. Instagram Influencers also may need photos for their feed and stories.  With about 95 million photos uploaded to Instagram daily, the demand for quality images is not going away soon.


12. Pet Sitting/Grooming/Walking

If you are a pet lover who knows their way around animals, then you can make some money from your hobby. Most pet owners are always busy and this gives them less time to spend with their animals. You can groom and pet sit for a fee.

In a recent survey, 68% of respondents said they treat their pets as well as they treat their children.  That would explain why, according to the American Pet Product Association (APPA), Americans spent nearly $72.56 billion dollars on pet products and services back in 2018.  Annual revenue growth in pet products and services is anticipated to grow at approximately 4.4%.Most pet owners lack the ability and time to groom their pets and are on the lookout for reliable professionals.

The 10% top rated animal care workers, including pet groomers, make more than $36,000 a year while the lowest 10% make below $18,000. The industry has attractive potential. The U.S. Bureau of Statistics estimates that the number of jobs in the animal care industry will increase by 20% between 2016 to 2026.  This is a great part-time business because you can do offer pet services when it is convenient for you.


13.  Catering

If you enjoy cooking for others, a catering business might be the enterprise for you. A catering business can make you up to $30,000 a year part-time.  To begin, it is a good idea to focus on small catering events so that you can improve your practices. A catering business opens you to many clients as your potential customers are the ones consuming your food in various events. This company will, however, need to meet the health and licensing requirements of its home state or city.

Any type of culinary skill can turn into a business if you’re good at your craft and can gain a small following with your food.  If you enjoy baking and you are good at it, then you can consider using it to make some money. You can start baking pastries and selling them to a small circle of friends and family to gauge their reviews. Baking can be seen as business that will eventually generate money if you take this hobby into another level.



14. Instagram Influencing/ Marketer

Influencer marketing is projected to be a $10 billion industry within the next 3 years.  Traackr, an influencer management platform, reported that 72% of major brands are investing a substantial part of their advertising budgets to influencers. Influencers are disrupting traditional methods of marketing by having an effect on the purchasing habits of their followers. Some Influencers have reported made as much as $10,000 per post or video if they have millions of followers. To get into this business, you will need to cultivate a recognizable brand and a sizeable online following.

If you are on Instagram and have the ability to build a community, becoming an Instagram Influencer may be a good business to start.  If you’re thinking about it, the best time to start is now. As the reach of Instagram increases, the competition for attention on the platform will be stiff.



15.  Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants execute various tasks for their online clients. Some of these tasks include sending and responding to emails, conducting research for blog content, posting and editing blog posts, and updating social media. Virtual assistants that charge per hour are paid between $15 to $100. Full-time assistants can even make six figures. You can increase rates as you broaden your portfolio. One perk in this business is the flexibility to work from anywhere. Flexible schedules also make virtual assistant an attractive business.


16.  Handyman Services

A handyman business is ideal for people with some manual skills. To avoid getting overwhelmed, start with the services you are good at and grow from there. You also need to evaluate the contractor laws in your state so that you know which services require a contractor license. Handymen earn an average of $17.88 per hour, and they may make more income from overtime . If the business is running efficiently, however, you can charge as much as $100 per hour like this entrepreneur here.


17.  Graphic Design

A graphic designers’ roles have expanded the last several years.  Many businesses not only need logos and branding, they need social media and website graphics.  Because of this, graphic designers are still very much in high demand. If you have an artistic eye and can learn to use programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Gimp, Photoshop and other software, you may want to consider starting a graphic design business.  The average salary for a freelance graphic designer is around $50,028 annually.


18. Tutoring

Tutoring can make a good startup business for teachers and anyone passionate about helping people. Tutors provide supplementary instruction in a range of topics. You do not need to have a degree in teaching or any other training to be a tutor. The startup costs are also low, and you can teach in a client’s house or your home or another location like the library. Tutors earn between $10 to $75% per hour based on the areas of study and the level they instruct.


19. Etsy Seller

Have you accumulated a pile of amazing subversive cross-stitch projects? Chances are, someone is out there that wants to buy your handicrafts.  The Etsy website prides in selling vintage, handmade, and custom products. Over 33 million buyers converge on the site to buy things they may not otherwise get in other stores. This is an especially good platform for selling unique crafts that are designed by you.


20. Personal Trainer

Personal training is an incredibly lucrative training as more and more people are adopting healthy lifestyles. You can get started in the sector with a high school diploma and train for a short time or on the job. The median pay in 2017 stood at $18.85 an hour. As your business grows, you can diversify to online workout subscriptions, boot camps, and selling membership models.

It is a fact that the Health and Fitness Industry is one of the biggest makers of income. From pills to lotions, to moisturizers, to fitness equipment, the list goes on. It appears that wherever you look, there is emphasis on health and fitness.

If you are a personal trainer, nutrition specialist, chiropractors, this is both amazing and terrifying news. The amazing part is that there is a lot of cash to be made in this industry. The terrifying side of it is that a lot of people are already taking their share of it. As a health and fitness personnel, it is, therefore, imperative that you stand out amongst the rest to have a chance of making money.

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Ralph is the Managing Editor at StartUp Mindset. The StartUp Mindset team consists of dedicated individuals and is designed to help new, seasoned, and aspiring entrepreneurs succeed.

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Ralph is the Managing Editor at StartUp Mindset. The StartUp Mindset team consists of dedicated individuals and is designed to help new, seasoned, and aspiring entrepreneurs succeed.

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