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How Many Hours a Week Does Mark Zuckerberg Work?

How many hours a week does it take to be a world changing, super influential, young billionaire?  I know, we wanted to know too.  Luckily, someone was nice enough to ask Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg and “Zucks” was generous enough to respond to his question.  Below is a picture of the social media exchange:




This is the kind of answer we love!  First, because 50-60 hours a week is less than we expected.  We were thinking million hours or something close to that.

Second, because it shows that he is committed to his business so much that he invests in himself by reading and taking time to think about the direction of the company.

This is refreshing since we are BIG on self development here at StartUp Mindset.  So don’t feel to bad if you are working a lot of hours to grow your business and to grow yourself.  It comes with the territory.  And, apparently, the formula works.


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