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[Video] 5 Secrets for Making Your Logo Stand Out

When building your brand, its important to design a logo that is going to stand out from the rest.  Even if you have a great product or service, you may lose the chance to prove it potential customers if your logo is a turn off.

In this short Entrepreneur Magazine video, you will learn 5 basic rules for designing your business’s logo.  Here is a short breakdown of what the video contains.



For the sake of the consumer and your business, keeping the logo simple is a basic rule to follow.  Doing so avoids confusion of who you are and what you do.  Simple logos are also versatile and may be integrated into different products with ease.


Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is important for a number of reasons.  It differentiates you from your competitors and also increases public recognition.  The goal is to maintain consistency in a variety of settings over a long period of time.  This is something that can become challenging when expanding your product line.



When your design is simple, it is easier to remember.  There is really no point in having a logo if people are going to forget it a few seconds after seeing it.



This is a way to cut through the clutter of your industry to reach customers.


Market Testing

Testing your logo in a variety of ways is useful for understanding how your logo is perceived by the general public.  Using surveys as a way to test consumer response is a great way to get feedback.  Don’t be afraid to change the logo if the responses you get are negative.  It is far more important to have a logo that attracts the type of customers you want.





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