Platinum Rapid Funding Group: 5 Tips For Growing Your Business


The task of bringing your business ideas to fruition can be quite daunting. However, Platinum Rapid Funding Group can provide you with the assistance you need. Below are five tips to transform your business from a startup into a national or multi-national empire, but first let’s introduce you to Platinum Rapid Funding Group and how they got started.

Who is Platinum Rapid Funding Group?

Platinum Rapid Funding Group is a merchant cash advance company that provides small and medium sized businesses across the nation with working capital. The company was established in 2012 with a mission to assist businesses in achieving success. This is accomplished by providing merchants looking for rapid alternative financing with white glove service.


The company harnesses manpower, proprietary data and technology, and uses a unique business model to gain advantage over their competitors in the cash advance industry. This can be largely attributed to the leadership of the company. The CEO of Platinum Rapid Funding Group is Ali Mayar. He used the corporate security world to establish the start of his professional career and has since become a success leader in the Merchant Cash Advance industry. He has successfully completed an impressive number of qualification exams and has proven himself to be an expert within the industry.

5 Tips to Growing Your Business

So how did Platinum Rapid Funding Group achieve such success? They followed these five simple steps when growing their business.

• Start Small
• Stay Focused
• Continually Network
• Provide a Good Customer Experience
• Be Analytical

Start Small

It is highly important for business owners to start off with a small niche and put much effort into this small target audience. Trying to market your business to everyone at once is not a good idea. If this goes well for a while, you can consider marketing to other individuals and expanding your range. It should be noted that more is not always better; concentrating on a small niche could be the best option for you.

When you have found the unique idea on which to base your startup, going too broad too fast could turn out to be counterproductive. Many new business owners fear they will lose prospective customers by starting small; however, startups are actually more likely to grow faster when the target demographic is narrowed. This is because focusing on a smaller niche will help you to better understand the needs of the customer, tailor marketing messages to a particular audience, and build more focused products.

Stay Focused

You should make your startup your sole focus. You should not have too many things on your plate. You have to be completely focused and dedicated if you want to succeed and more importantly, convince investors and other stakeholders that your business has the potential to succeed.

Some aspiring entrepreneurs make the mistake of believing they can manage a startup while still doing their day job or working on other business ventures. However, as an increasing number of startups come to the playing field, complete focus on a current project is vital for fast growth and survival.

Continually Network

It is important to continuously network and seek out new contacts with whom to share your business. Building an online network with notable influencers within your industry is a remarkable way to succeed. Having individuals share your brand, particularly because they want to, is a powerful tool to have.

Attending networking events is a great way to meet industry individuals and get the opportunity to expose and expand your brand. Socially engaging with influential individuals can set the stage for growth.

Social media networking is also a great resource for startup companies. You can follow the blogs of the relevant people you connect with and comment on their posts. You could also share their posts and engage with them in other not so obvious ways; just enough for your presence to be noticed.

This demonstrates that you care about them and the work they are doing and they should also care about you. Do not forget to include your website link in your signature. There are online tools available that can assist you in finding influential industry bloggers and networks based on your business and target audience.

Provide a Good Customer Experience

A good customer experience is the key to having repeat customers and helps with referrals from loyal customers. Paying close attention to ensuring a top-quality customer experience is vital for any type of business. However, if your startup provides a service or product that can benefit from having repeat customers, it is even more important to optimize customer experiences. In fact, this should be among your top priorities where growth is concerned.

Experts have found that 94 percent of customers will not buy from the same company more than once if their customer experience was poor. Additionally, it is significantly more expensive to attract new customers than for existing ones to be retained. Therefore, even when you’re only attempting to get discovered, ensure the customers who find you have a remarkable customer experience as this will keep them coming back.

Be Analytical

Tracking everything you do is highly essential and there are analytics tools that can be used to see what works and what does not. It is impossible for a startup to discover a workable business model. Examining the right metrics will ensure you are heading in the right direction.

Regularly checking up on your metrics is an integral part of growing your business. It is important to check on the progress of your growth metrics, or key performance indicators. Doing so on a daily basis might be necessary to achieve success. Measuring your performance holds you accountable and could force you to face inconvenient truths. More importantly, it provides the information needed to find ways to boost the results.


Connect with Platinum Rapid Funding Group

For those looking to work with Platinum Rapid Funding Group, the application process is quite simple. To get started visit their website, and fill out an application. After completing this step, you will be contacted by an expert within hours of submitting the application. You will be able to collaborate with the professional assigned to you to determine the best way to address your financial needs. There is even the possibility of having the funds transferred on the same day.

You can also stay up to date with Platinum Rapid Funding Group by following them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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