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Stop Thinking Like an Employee: Eliminating the mindsets and habits that are holding you and your business back


We’re super excited about the response we’ve gotten about our course!  You’ve tweeted about it, shared and liked it on Facebook, and many of you have already purchased the course during the enrollment period.

This means that many of you have realized what we’ve been saying all along, “You can’t be a successful entrepreneur while thinking like an employee”.

That’s why we’re bringing back Stop Thinking Like an Employee!.  And, we’re taking 30% off the regular price of the entire course!



Stop Thinking Like an Employee  is a one-of-a-kind transformational course that will help you ditch the employee mindset and employee habits that are keeping you trapped in your job or a business that is barely making it.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you want to build, you will not be able to do it while still thinking and acting like an employee.  This is something I had to realize when I first started my business.

I fought and worked long hours and tried every strategy I could think of (and that I could afford) to grow my business.  But the results I wanted never came.

UNTIL I realized it wasn’t the business, it was me, my mindset, and habits!

I was still working on the business the same way an employee works on a job.  I was still using my time the same way I did when I worked for a corporation.  I didn’t even notice.

The worst part about it is that I see many, many entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs doing the same thing!

That’s why STLAE is a must if you are a new entrepreneur, part-time entrepreneur, or an entrepreneur that has not seen the kind of business results you should be getting by this point in your entrepreneurship journey.


Here are just a few things you will learn in this course:


  • Getting out of the “Bi-Weekly Paycheck Trap”.-Do you ever wonder why employers pay you every other week?  It benefits them but it may be hurting you.


  • Eliminating “More Money Elsewhere” thinking-Employees believe in order to make more money they need to find another job.  Entrepreneurs believe that their businesses can always produce more.  They just need to unlock the businesses potential. We’ll show you how to build a habit of finding more money within your business.


  • Learn why hustling and working more is not always the answer-Sometimes working harder is not your problem.  It’s what you’re working on that matters.  We’ll show you where you should be spending your time as an entrepreneur.


  • Develop a “Do it Now!’ Mindset-You’re procrastinating on some REALLY important things. Maybe it’s because you’re scared, inexperienced, or a number of other reasons. We’re going to show you how to train your brain to do things now and not later.


  • Eliminating the ONE THING that makes you a good employee but a terrible entrepreneur-There is one thing that, if you do it well, makes you an awesome employee. But if you do it well as an entrepreneur, you will always limit yourself. We’ll tell you what that thing is and show you how to change it.


  • Mentally Preparing Yourself to Quit Your Job- For many, leaving the job is terrifying. When you actually do it, the fear doesn’t go away at first. You can prepare yourself mentally for the life changing escape you’re about to make. We’ll take you step-by-step on how to do that.


  • Dealing with your fear of failure-The way you think about and approach failure is hindering your success. We’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to deal with your fear of failure so you can finally move forward.


  • And much more….


Regular price for the course is $395 but we taking 30%off the entire course and you can now get it for only $274 (or 4 payments of $68.50) by using this link.   


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