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How to Receive Your Amazon Account After a Suspension

CNBC has reported that Amazon seller Cheapskates Liquidators received an email from an Amazon employee that’s responding on Jeff Bezos’ behalf. Paul, who was the Amazon employee responding to the email had stated that “I have reviewed your account and the information that was delivered and decided that you ineligible to sell on Amazon.”

Keep reading to see how you can protect your company from experiencing this issue.


How to Write and Structure Your Amazon Appeal Letter

Now that you know how come you’ve been suspended from Amazon, you start taking steps to help get your amazon account reinstated. Take some time to outline the letter, so it fulfills Amazon’s requirements and explains how you’re going to correct the situation.


For every suspension appeal letters, Amazon wants to see the following things:

  1. Acknowledgment of what messed up and a detailed understanding of what actions lead to suspension.
  2. Action steps that you’ve taken to solve the issue.
  3. Action steps were taken in the future to prevent being suspended again.


If you can write about these details in an organized manner, you’ll have a high chance of becoming unsuspended. When you don’t address these three things, it reduces the chances of getting reinstated significantly.

Here’s an example style you can follow in order to get your amazon account reinstated.



In this section, state who you are, the reason you got suspended. Start by writing a paragraph about how you’ve discovered the main issue and what you’ve learned from the suspension process.


Issues That Lead To Suspension

After that, acknowledge the main reason why Amazon Seller Performance Team suspended you. It’s best to take responsibility for your mistakes and confirm that you messed up. If there’s more than one issue prevalent, then you should add a bullet point as well.


Action Steps Taken After Getting Suspended

Then, you’ll want to state the action steps you’ve taken after your account was suspended. Go in-depth on your team’s procedure in addressing the issue.


Make sure that it’s easy to read. State the problem and add bullet points so that it matches with the top section. Amazon Seller Performance Team reads thousands of these appeal letters daily. So, it’s best to make an organized document so they can read it faster.


Action Steps Taken Once Unsuspended

State the action steps that will occur after getting reinstated. You have to focus on how your team will change their operations to prevent future suspension notices from occurring.



Last, you need to write out a summary of the action steps taken, and you’ll have to ensure that this issue doesn’t happen on your seller account. In this step, you’ll have to make the appeal letter focused on those three areas so that its easier for Amazon’s team to identify these core ideas once view your letter.



Overall, getting your Amazon account reinstated requires some effort on your behalf. By being honest, concise, and straightforward, you increase the chances of Amazon accepting your appeal letter.

Do you have any questions on reinstating your Amazon account?


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