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How To Hire A Freelancer And What To Look For

Looking to outsource can take you on a journey of its own. It isn’t just about going out there and hiring the first person that says they’re up for the job. It will take work on your end to hire someone who can produce the quality of work you require.

You have to know some things beforehand to find the right person for the job and get the most bang for your buck. Often, hiring a freelancer for one job can turn into working with them for a longer period of time if you like their work, the way they communicate, and if they can make your deadlines.

Determine What You Need

When hiring, you need to be specific. Who are you looking to complete the job? What do you need them to be able to do? Do you need someone who is an expert, or can they be an intermediate? You have a clear picture in your mind as to the skills you need them to have and the work they will be managing. You will need to weed out anyone who doesn’t fit those criteria.

Have a Set Budget

You should know what your budget is when hiring a freelancer, considering the amount of time and effort it will take for them to complete what you are asking them to do. Figuring this out isn’t easy because not all freelancers follow the same guidelines when it comes to fees, and their level of expertise plays a huge role in determining this. You may find one freelancer who charges a fixed price of $30 for a 1,000-word article. There may be another who charges $100 for that same article. Freelancers can also charge by the hour.

If you aren’t sure how much you should be paying or what the average price should look like, ask around in forums or Google it.

Take all this into consideration when searching for the right person for the job. Be willing to negotiate with them. You come to an agreement that works for both of you but never settle for anything you aren’t comfortable with.

Finding a Freelancer

Where do you even start looking for a freelancer? If you have a network or have friends in the industry, they can point you to someone. In fact, over 33% of freelancers get hired from referrals, according to Don’t Do It Yourself.

You can also hire through service apps like Fiverr, Freelancer.com, or Upwork. These are the most popular platforms. These websites make it easy for the client to find the ideal service provider, providing freelancer profiles including what they do and their skills. You can also see the ratings they have received most of the time and how much they usually charge, whether it be a fixed price or hourly. The only downside is that some sites may charge you a fee for using their service and can come with restrictions on communicating with potential hires.

If you don’t want to use these websites, you can go onto Facebook groups made for freelancers looking for work. Another popular place to find the right people is on LinkedIn.

What Should You Be Asking?

While scoping who you will hire, it is essential to ask questions and not be scared to ask as many as you need to feel comfortable with whom you hired.

How can you know they have the right experience?

Ask them for their portfolio of previous clients. Ask if they have a degree in this field or maybe a certificate showing their knowledge. This can give you the peace of mind that you are contracting the right person for the job.

Describe in depth what you will need them to do, if there will be online meetings/zoom calls, your budget, and how long you expect this project to take.

If you know they will need experience using certain apps or online tools, ask them if they’ve used them before and how familiar they are with using these apps/sites. If it works for you, let them know if they can learn along the way, but be sure to communicate this to them from the beginning.

Ready To Hire

Once you’ve gone through all the steps above and are ready to hire, make sure you have an agreement documented or a contract where everything is clearly stated, including the amount you will pay. This way, you both receive what you need at the end, and you’ll avoid a massive headache. If you aren’t sure how to write a document like this, you can buy templates online, or the freelancer will be ready with this type of document.

Most websites used to hire freelancers already have contracts set for both parties to agree to. If someone is unsatisfied, there is always a “contact us” button where you can tell them the issue and help you resolve it.


There you have it. That is how you find and hire a freelancer. Finding the right person for your business is a vital task and ensuring you take every step needed is crucial. Additionally, if you are happy with the work they provide you, leave them a review. This really helps their business, and they will greatly appreciate it. If you have suggestions for them, let them know, as this will help them grow professionally.

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Kimberly Coronado
Team Writer: Kimberly Coronado is an experienced writer, her passion is helping entrepreneurs like herself get a better understanding of the entrepreneur world by giving them the tools they will need to find success.

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Team Writer: Kimberly Coronado is an experienced writer, her passion is helping entrepreneurs like herself get a better understanding of the entrepreneur world by giving them the tools they will need to find success.

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