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How to Create a Visual Content Marketing Strategy

I’m a visual learner. This is an interesting dynamic for me, as I am also an avid writer that can also be found reading a good book. Words are beautiful, powerful and can convey emotions when our spoken words cannot do them justice. However, our world is evolving in ways we like to receive our information, especially when it comes to marketing initiatives and product branding.

Now, more than ever before, we are inspired and influenced by the images we see on a routine basis. Since we have access to multiple visual outlets at the tip of our fingers, as a business it’s best to understand which avenues the right ones are to take in this quickly evolving world of technology.


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According to a recent MIT study, our brains process images at 13 milliseconds, or in other words, .0131 seconds. This means that it takes less than a second for our brains to comprehend what an image conveys or shows us. As the old saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ and the same holds true even more so in today’s world.

Photopad.co, a website dedicated to helping create visually inspiring pieces, understands the importance of visual imagery. Their platform helps create a cohesive and easy-to-use social media hub where the creator can become their own professional designer. This unique website helps transforms your work, from presentations to social media stories, into digital pieces of art that attracts and inspires others to do the same or invest in a product. 

As future generations enter the workforce, the use of visual marketing has become imperative if we want to engage or entice them to a product or service. That is why it is important for your company to have a strong visual content marketing strategy to assist with this endeavor. People no longer want to be sold on a product or service, instead they want to be enticed by the message and overall mission of a company.

So are probably wondering, where do I start in regard to effective content marketing? What is considered visual content? How can I ensure that it’s effective? Let’s take a look at how we can create an inspiring and effective content market strategy that will be organically successful and positive for your company’s future.



Creating an eye-catching image or infographic for your articles or blog

Lure and entice people to your website, social media accounts or blog by creating a simple, yet moving, photo that summarizes your overall message. Think about it, you only have so long to engage your readers as the scroll through the endless array of ads and messages.

Let the picture you choose speak for itself, alongside the article or website you are aiming to promote. Choose a photo that not only helps convey your message, but also catches the eye of your targeted audience.

For example,  PhotoPad offers businesses the chance to tell their story and promote their brand in a visually enticing way. Letting people see your story through images not only helps with its authenticity, but also connects us to something in a deeper, more personal, light.

If you are going to run a campaign that is visual based just remember to keep it consistent with your company image and message, just like you would your own website and business materials.


24/7 accessible presentations or online publications

The beauty of this day and age is the accessibility of information. You no longer feel like you are missing out when you can’t attend a seminar or webinar for a topic that you are passionate about because it’s available immediately following.  Making visual presentations and publications available online with easy access helps make potential customers into real ones.

The website, Photopad, offers a great opportunity to be a hub for all of your professional work. Their platform not only enhances the overall look of your visuals, but also keeps everything you need in a quick and easy-to-find location. This is the perfect opportunity to ensure that all your visual marketing materials are in sync and can be viewed at any time by anyone.

While you may want to offer a webinar for a set time, be sure to make it available for download and use afterwards. With avenues like PhotoPad out there, this makes this endeavor even more possible for your business.


Vlogs or videos

According to statistics compiled by Wyzowl statistics, 63% of companies have begun using videos in their marketing practices. Of those companies utilizing videos, more than 80% of them feel that there is a good return of investment (ROI) on this marketing initiative.

Videos are a great way for people to visually understand what your company is about in ways where articles and words seem to lack comprehension. Videos garner trust and help build a connection with those that are watching your content. This avenue also gives your audience a way to feel more confident in the product by fueling emotion and credibility by showcasing actual product footage.

Around 57% consumers have admitted that they have bought a product online only after seeing a video on how the product works. Creating videos or visuals is only on the rise, and in this world where YouTubers are becoming as famous as actors and actresses, it would be fair to say that if you can utilize videos for your business – do it.


Be consistent, diligent and offer value with your content

In creating content that is visually appealing, one has to make sure that it’s updated on a consistent and routine basis. To keep people engaged, along with having an effective marketing strategy, one has to keep content fresh and provide value to the consumer.

In this digital age, people have access to all sorts of ways to learn about a product of service at all times. When they see an advertisement that tries to sell them on something, people are less likely to feel engaged and likely ignore it since they can figure it out on their own.

When providing visual marketing content, give it value and make it worthwhile to the consumer. This can be sharing an interesting fact, adding a funny meme or just providing information that is insightful to your targeted audience. This will not only help get people more invested in your brand, but also get them to feel more connected to your product in a sincere and meaningful way.

To help get a better understanding of utilizing visual marketing content ideas, Photopad is a great place to start to get your business on the right track for attracting new buyers and customers in a visually inspiring light.

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