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How Evergreen Email Funnels Can Transform Your Business

There comes a time when every business owner makes a discovery that feels like a eureka moment. For me, evergreen funnels were one of those discoveries. Before coming across the idea of evergreen funnels, I struggled to sell my services consistently. It felt as though I was always selling, selling, selling with no way to ensure steady sign-ups and predictable growth.

Since using evergreen funnels, I’ve been able to take a step back from the constant selling and focus on other things, such as adding additional value to my services, which are ultimately more beneficial in the long run. And, using evergreen funnels could have the same benefits for you too!

What Are Evergreen Email Funnels

If you’ve never heard of evergreen funnels, don’t worry. They may sound complicated and technical, but in reality, they’re relatively simple.

An email funnel is simply a series of automated emails designed to hit subscribers in a specific sequence to encourage them to take the desired action, such as buying a product or signing up for a service. Email funnels also work brilliantly for other things, such as getting people to join your Facebook group, download a freebie or fill out a form or online survey.

The most simple funnels consist of just two emails, while more complex ones can involve ten or more. The key with email funnels is that they are automated, meaning you don’t have to manually send each one. Email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp and Convertkit make automated emails quick and easy. There are countless online tutorials on Youtube to help you put together your first funnel.

An evergreen email funnel is one that you run all year long, as opposed to limiting it to specific times. Launching a new product or service might call for time-specific marketing. In that case, you might put together a launch funnel for the weeks and months after you launch the new product or service. On the other hand, if there’s an essential product or service that you want to continuously promote, then an evergreen funnel will help you do that.

What Are the Benefits of Evergreen Email Funnels?

You might be wondering just how using evergreen email funnels benefit your business? Here are just a few of the standout benefits.

  • They’re a major time saver because you can market to your entire email list, or just a segment, at the click of a button.
  • They free you up to focus on other elements of your business since you can rest assured that your marketing is taken care of.
  • Done well, they can greatly increase sales.
  • They allow you to tweak your sales pitch until it’s perfected. The insights on whichever platform you use will tell you how people respond to your emails.
  • They make it impossible to forget to market your products or services, even when you’re busy dealing with other aspects of your business.

5 Things To Consider When Designing Your Funnels 

If you’re sold on the benefits of using evergreen email funnels to market your business and ready to get started, read through the following list of five things to consider before you begin using email funnels to ensure that you maximize the impact on your audience.

1. Striking The Right Balance

Although you’re using these evergreen funnels to sell, it’s important not to sell too hard. This can be annoying and feel almost like spam to your audience and might result in more people unsubscribing from your email list than clicking the “buy now” button. To strike that balance, make sure to leave at least a day or two between each email and focus on the benefits of the product or service for the customer to make it feel less aggressive.

2. Including Testimonials/Reviews

One of the best ways to sell is through existing customer testimonials or product reviews. They can play an important part in your evergreen email funnel. You can do this by focusing an entire email on testimonials and reviews or including one or two in every email you send.

3. Tackling Objections

Another excellent strategy for maximizing sales through evergreen email funnels is to address the elephant in the room – the reasons why your audience may be hesitating on buying. This shows your audience that you understand them and their concerns and can go a long way towards putting their minds at ease and encouraging them to buy.

4. Using Copy And Video Content

Some people are readers, and some are watchers, so make sure to cater to both through your funnel. While most of your sales content in these emails will ultimately be written, including some video content in at least some of the emails (ideally over half of them) can have massive appeal to those members of your audience who are more visually motivated.

5. Telling A Story

Finally, try to dedicate one email to tell a story of how your product or service has been experienced by one or more of your customers/clients. People love story-based content, and it can be the highest sales-generating content out there. Make sure to emphasize how your product or service solved a problem for the customer/client and how much value they got from it.

Evergreen email funnels can absolutely transform your business and your bottom line if used well. They can make your marketing more consistent and remove the need for you to constantly try to come up with new ways to sell. They can ensure that your sales copy is optimized to convert subscribers into customers. They can free up your time to focus on other elements of your business, safe in knowing that you have taken care of marketing.

Are they complicated to set up? They can be for beginners, but with the vast range of online tutorials available, you should be able to figure them out quickly.  You can easily tweak them over time to improve and perfect them based on your customer insights and the results you’re seeing.

For me, evergreen email funnels have truly transformed how I sell in my business and have made the task of generating new leads straightforward. Why not try them out for yourself and see if you get the same results?

Sarah Tyrrell
Staff Writer: Sarah Tyrrell is an entrepreneur, freelance writer and parent living in Ireland. She's particularly interested in mental and emotional health and how they impact success in business. As well as an eleven year old daughter, Sarah has two rescue dogs and cats, and six chickens named after Ru Pauls Drag Race contestants

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Staff Writer: Sarah Tyrrell is an entrepreneur, freelance writer and parent living in Ireland. She's particularly interested in mental and emotional health and how they impact success in business. As well as an eleven year old daughter, Sarah has two rescue dogs and cats, and six chickens named after Ru Pauls Drag Race contestants

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