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8 Tips on How to Design Business Cards That Get Noticed

Business cards are the most important marketing tools you can use to get your business brand known. Even in this age of digital address books, they are still very valuable due to their convenience. They are available in different designs, colors, texture, and sizes.

Attractive business cards are the most effective networking conversation starters especially during conferences with people interested in working with your organization. They are efficient for creating business leads. You do not have to miss any business opportunity because you do not have business cards so, here are tips to help you design business cards that will get noticed.

1. Hire a Professional to Design your Business Cards

Business cards are the first marketing tools that get to identify who you are and the organization you represent. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you use attractive business cards to represent your brand.

Even if you may know how to design the cards yourself, they may not be appealing. You may need to hire a professional who can design your cards as per your requirement which can boost your business professionalism.

2. Keep Your Business Card Design Simple

A great business card should have all the important information and the design should be kept minimal. If the card design is complicated, it may be difficult for your information to be visible for people who scan cards for their digital cards address book. The information should be accurate and easy to read.

3. Identify What Information to Include in Your Business Card

Standard business cards are usually 3.5 by 2 inches. Bearing in mind that your information should be as easy to read as possible, that is not a lot of space to work with. First include your most important information like your names, company name, and logo, contact details, and website. If you have more space you can include other information.

4. Carefully Select Your Business Card Paper

The paper you use for your business cards speaks a lot about your business brand. If you use cheap paper, you may give people the impression that they are dealing with a cheap company, and your cards may not achieve their intended need for use.

There are many good quality papers available at a reasonable cost so, you do not have to go for expensive paper because the paper has to be of good quality. You should aim to get as many business leads from your business cards as possible.

5. Creativity

It can be boring to look at business cards whose designer has not made an effort to design them in a way that they stand out. Although most standard business cards are usually cut in a rectangular shape, your designer can go an extra mile and cut their edges to circular shape to improve their appearance and make them look unique.

He can also bold the most important information to improve on its appearance or make the cards have a rough texture. There are many creative ways of designing cards.

6. Use Special Finishes

A unique way to add an impact to your cards is by using special finishes like spot-UV, metallic ink, and foil blocking though this can add some extra cost to your printing. They make your cards visually impressive, and more tactile.

Different printers offer different finishes so, check with your printer what options they have.

7. Keep the Back of Your Business Cards Blank Unless the Information is Non-Crucial

Filling your card with so much information can make it look unattractive no matter how good high-quality paper you use. Keep your card as simple as possible as far as the information you put is concerned. You do not want people confusing it for advertisement.

Try as much as possible to keep the back of your card blank because you do not want people to miss some information because they did not bother to read the information behind your card. If you have to write the back of your card, only include information that is not crucial.

8. White Space

White space does not refer to white color, but it is the space between your business card information that makes your card appealing and readable. Cards that are overstuffed with information look unattractive and people may not be interested to read the information contained in them. Avoid cluttering your card with unnecessary information.

Business relationships are very important for any business. With these tips, you can invest some time getting your card design right to ensure that it is accurate, attractive, and your brand is on point. Through your card, you should have people remember you and your business many years ahead.

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