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8 Businesses that Every Neighborhood Needs

When searching for a business idea, aspiring entrepreneurs can sometimes make the mistake of thinking their business needs to be the next Instagram. While it is always good to dream big, sometimes the best opportunities are right in front of you. If you’re still searching for a business idea that will thrive, you may be able to find it right in your own neighborhood or small town.

Neighborhoods need places for people to gather, connect with their neighbors, and enjoy the local community. It’s up to business owners to provide the right types of establishments.

Here are eight businesses that every neighborhood needs.

Businesses that Every Neighborhood and Community Needs

1. Grocery Store

Grocery stores can be the hub of any community. They are essential because they give residents of a community critical access to food, medicine, toiletries, clothes, and other essential items.

A grocery store also creates jobs for people in the area. This helps keep money in the community and allows people to spend their money locally, supporting their neighbors and friends.

Grocery stores bring people together from different parts of town and allows them to meet new people while they shop.

Lastly, having a grocery store in an area helps keep prices down on certain items, such as fresh produce, which may not grow well in certain climates.

2. Coffee Shop


Coffee shops are essential for communities and neighborhoods in a variety of ways. They are places to meet friends, work, study, relax, and socialize. They also offer a wide range of services, including free Wi-Fi, printing, computer access, and food and beverages.

Coffee shops can help create a sense of place in your community by giving you a place to go that’s different from home or work. They also provide a place where people can gather—rain or shine.

3. Hair Salon/Barber Shop

A hair salon is a business where an individual can get your hair cut, styled, and colored. It may also offer facial waxing, manicures and pedicures, massages, and other beauty treatments. Salons are important because they help people feel good about themselves and look their best. They help people feel confident when they go out into the world.

A barber shop is a place where someone who identifies as a man can get a haircut or shave by an experienced professional who has been trained specifically in cutting men’s hair. This type of business has been around for many years; some may have continued cutting hair the old-fashioned way, while others have changed over time as a result of technological advances, such as the invention of electric razors.

4. Daycare

Daycare provides quality care for children while parents are at work. It provides a structured environment for children to learn and grow in a safe environment with other kids their age.

Daycares can be licensed by the state or not-for-profit organizations that meet specific safety, education, and nutrition standards. Daycares usually charge a fee depending on the services they provide. The cost may be higher or lower depending on the type of childcare you choose. Options include:

  • Center-based daycare
  • Family-based daycare
  • Full-time daycare
  • Part-time daycare
  • After-school daycare
  • Before-school daycare
  • Summer camp programs
  • Special needs programs

The benefits of having licensed childcare providers include:

  • increased parental job satisfaction
  • reduced absenteeism from school due to illness caused by lack of supervision at home.

5. Restaurant

Restaurants are a necessity for most, if not all, communities. . They provide access to quality food made by licensed professionals. They also provide an opportunity for social interaction, as many families choose to eat out on special occasions, or they meet up with friends and family at a restaurant. In an increasingly high-pace lifestyle, eating on the go is also a choice that many working professionals find themselves facing. Restaurants make it possible to eat healthy, convenient food options no matter what your day looks like. They’re also a valuable source of employment for many people

6. Pet Grooming/Boarding

If you live in a community or neighborhood where many families choose to adopt pets, you know pet grooming and boarding are essential. Pet owners often travel for work or vacation and cannot take their animals with them. In these situations, finding a reliable place to board your pets is important.

Pet boarding facilities offer many benefits to communities. They provide an opportunity for pet owners to leave their pets in a safe environment while they are gone, and they also allow people to get out of the house for a few days without worrying about their pet’s well-being.

Pet boarding facilities also allow people who work long hours or odd shifts to have the peace of mind that their pets will be taken care of when they can’t be at home. When people work long hours or odd shifts, it can be difficult for them to find someone else who will look after their pets while they’re away from home.

7. Gym or Fitness Studio

The younger generations are increasingly aware of the importance of physical fitness and mental health. A gym or fitness studio is an asset to any community because it brings people together in a healthy environment, helping them achieve their fitness goals by working alongside other members.

Community gyms are often open 24 hours a day so that all members can work out when they have free time. Staff at these facilities are trained to assist those who want to prioritize their health and fitness but don’t know where to begin. Some communities offer classes on specific types of exercise, such as yoga or martial arts; others have instructors who specialize in helping people with disabilities gain strength and mobility through specific exercises. It’s possible for every community member—regardless of age or physical abilities—to benefit from this service!

8. Gas Station/Corner Store

Gas stations and corner stores are a necessary part of any community. They are particularly essential for people who live in rural communities or suburbs, where the nearest grocery store might be half an hour away by car.

Corner stores are also critical for communities that lack access to fresh food options in their area. Because they serve as a one-stop shop for many daily necessities, these businesses help keep costs down for families throughout the year. And they’re also a valuable source of jobs, offering job training programs that prepare young adults.


We hope this list has shown you how essential small businesses are for any neighborhood or community. These shops provide imperative services, stimulate local economies by generating jobs and tax revenue, and foster better relationships within a community.

Each business is a place with a story—and they help us create our own stories by nourishing us with their food, supporting our families and our children, or making it possible to earn a living and create a life for ourselves and our families. Ultimately, that is the reason that makes these businesses so necessary for every community. 

If you’re still looking for more business ideas, check out our article 100 Businesses that You Can Start This Year.

Jazmin Merriman
Team Writer: Jazmin Merriman is a writer, studying to become a Family and Marriage Therapist. She loves writing about minimalism, business, finances and lifestyle. She likes to inspire people to live a more intentional life by showing them what she does as an example.

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Team Writer: Jazmin Merriman is a writer, studying to become a Family and Marriage Therapist. She loves writing about minimalism, business, finances and lifestyle. She likes to inspire people to live a more intentional life by showing them what she does as an example.

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