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6 Keys to Creating a High Converting Sales Page

One quote you may want to memorize when you’re experiencing tough times in your business is “sales fix everything”.  No matter how busy you were last month, how many setbacks you had, or how much debt you racked up, bring in sales and those problems begin to disappear.

Guy Kawasaki is credited with saying this and in a lot of ways, he is absolutely right.  Bringing in sales is a continuing validation that your business is on the right track. It also keeps investors happy, employees employed, and food on your table.  Increasing sales gives you the freedom to expand your business and design its future.

Needless to say; sales are important.  This means that the methods of driving sales are also important.  Your website and sales funnel must be optimized to convert when you have interested visitors viewing your page.

Designing a website or sales page doesn’t have to be complicated at all. With a good all-in-one tool, you can have a create a sales page that converts customers easily.  In this article, we are going to show you what makes a great sales page and the tools you can use to optimize yours.

Understand your customers

One of the first things you need to identify is who will be seeing your sales page.  Understanding your potential customer is crucial.

Knowing who is going to see your sales page starts by figuring out where your site visitors came from.  If you are using Adwords or other paid options, you have the option to target the right audience. Good targeting can make all of the difference.  According to CMO, targeted advertisements are, on average, almost twice as effective as non-targeted ads.

It is important to understand, however, the conversion averages for industry.  For example, according to Wordstream the Facebook ads conversion rates for ads in the fitness industry (14.29%) is much higher than those in the retail industry (3.26%).  Knowing this will help you understand your customers better and will set better conversion goals for your sales page.

It is also important to understand how those who visit your sales page landed there from search engines.  People go to Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find an answer to a question. If your sales page is from organic or paid search traffic, be sure to offer a solution to their problem.   

You may also need to monitor how much social traffic you are receiving.  Organic and paid social traffic offers a high potential for conversion if you understand what makes those platforms special and unique.  For example, you need to cater to Instagram visitors differently than Twitter visitors. Instagram is primarily visual so be sure to offer some extra visual stimulation for these visitors.  You can do this by using dynamic images or video to close the sale.

Keeping it Simple

Now when creating a sales page, as strange as this may sound, the simpler the better. Don’t spend forever choosing color schemes, design themes, adding graphics or fancy logos which will just take up valuable space that could be used for good information within your sales copy. The best thing to do is choose a few background colors which are easy on the eye and not too garish. Pale blues or pale yellows work well in my experience.


Implement a Sales Funnel

Creating an effective sales funnel is super important to conversations.  However, creating a sales funnel is not easy if you do not know what you are doing and all sales funnels are not created equally.  One good option is to use Funnelting to create your sales funnel.

Sales is process of building trust between buyer and seller. As the old saying goes; People by with People. The best sales pages offer first a free product or goody to gain trust. Then followed by a very special deal. In order to create a sales page like this, these pages need to have multi step pages.

With Funnelting you can create very easy, without any need programming skills, many different types of sales pages. Whether you selling products or services, hosting a webinar, offering free downloads, name it.  They also have an integrated Facebook/Instagram Ads-Manager to guide traffic to your sales page, an automated email system to create beautiful html emails and a CRM system to engage and interact with your new prospects.  Check them out.


Visual Appealing

Your sales page is a part of the package that your product is wrapped in.  Many sales are lost because of bad packaging so it is important to not become a statistic.

Add a picture of the product to the page or, better yet, a picture of people using your product.   We interviewed Dr. Brynn Winegard recently and she recommends that since humans use social queues to make decisions, showing other people using something is a great way to get  people to use that thing. That means that if you want to encourage people to use your product, show your product being used.

People don’t like to be “sold to” so instead of shouting about how fantastic the product is, simply write about what it is, who it was made for, and how it will benefit the customer. Write a list with bullet points showing all the benefits the product has to offer.


Switch Up Fonts

Remember to break up the sales copy by alternating between two or three different fonts, a few different colors of text and switching between bold and regular, also underlining important points. That way the text will not become monotonous and boring. Also if you have, or can find, any testimonials from people who have previously bought the product, include a few of those on the sales page as well.

The type of font you select is also important.  In one test, marketers found that using a san serif font resulted in a 30% conversion rate. This means fonts like Arial and Calibri performed better  than a font like Times New Roman. Be sure that you make readability a priority when selecting the type of font for your sales page.


Attention Getting Headline

The headline needs to mention some of the benefits of the product and how it can help the customer.  Headlines should get to the point but should arouse interest in your product. Good headlines grab the attention as well as delivering one clear message.  

An important aspect to creating a headline that will get noticed  is to evoke emotion. Keep in mind that people will respond to emotion before they respond to reason.  One of the best ways to evoke emotion is to use just one power word. They can make all the difference on whether you gain attention to your product or whether people click out of your sales page.

Here are some examples:

Fears; agony, danger, toxic and victim

Make us feel alive; amazing, conquer, magic and stunning

Anger; abuse, lies, punish and ruthless

Greed; free, frenzy, profit and rich

Safe feeling words; guaranteed, no risk, research and tested and proven

There is no magic formula to write a sales page or any rule about how long it should be. It all depends on what you offer and how much information you need to provide. However, using the information above and the tools we recommended will give you a starting point to create a sales page and bring in more sales.


 Bio:  Funnelting is a multifunctional platform, where businesses can create great looking sales funnels that simultaneously has a traffic source, a follow up email marketing system, and much more. Plus we’ve added a fully functional CRM system to catch all data, which allows you to work individual with your new prospects.  Everything works seamlessly together so no need to signup on different platforms. It offers everything you need to promote or sell your products, create events, or offer free downloads. It is designed for super user friendliness.  Check out Funnelting today!


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