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3 Types of Promotional Codes and How to Use Them

Online stores make use of promotional code to encourage purchases.  The codes, which are computer generated and inclusive of numbers and letters, can be applied to both the entire order and specific products. Shoppers apply promotional codes to receive discounts from products they purchase. Coupon codes are found online by use of search engines. There are also websites that are exclusively designed to offer the codes to customers. Mobile users can also benefit by installing coupon code apps.  In EasyPromos you will find the best coupon code App.

How promotional codes work

Promotional codes offer discounts inform of percentage or specific amount of dollars. There are also codes that offer free shipping, making it the best strategy for shoppers to purchase more products.

Why use promotional codes

When retailers issue promotional codes, the offer customers with discounts, making them purchase more. This eventually benefits both the shopper and retailers. Customers will purchase what their need at a relatively lower price and the online store will also generate more revenue. One advantage with promotional codes is that they can be used by both new and already existing customers. Research also indicates that promotional codes positively contributes to the overall online shopping experience.

How to use promotional codes

Promotional codes are entered during checkout when customers already have the products they need in the cart. Before validating the code, retailers ensure that they are satisfied with all the promotion code conditions.  For instance, if the code offers a 20% discount on shipping with a total cost of %150, this code will be of no use if the products you purchase have not reached the stipulated amount.

Using multiple codes

Customers are also allowed to use multiple codes, depending on the site they use.  But there are also sites that limit shoppers to only one code per purchase. No matter the codes you use, it is important to ensure that a discount is eventually offered on your purchase.

Types of promotional codes

There are three types of promotional codes issued by retailers.  These include:

Public codes

Public codes are available to be used by every shopper. They are especially useful to attract new customers while encouraging past customers to log in and make more purchases.

Private codes

These codes are used by online stores to target a specific group. They are mainly issued to loyal customers and first-time shoppers. Using the codes is among the best strategy to attract new customers.

Restricted codes

This code can only be used once, and mainly focuses on a single user. For example, a store may offer a restricted code to a customer when making apologies for late shipment, or as a thank you to a client who is making purchases for the 50th time.

It is important for retail stores to make use of all the three codes in their shopping sites.  This will help stores connect with a wide range of shoppers, giving them a reason to make more purchases.

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