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Salesforce Active Campaign Contact Syncing: How Can It Help?

If you want the best tools for supporting your business functions, chances are you use specific solutions for specific purposes. Many business solutions available today are designed to perform a specific set of functions really well. They are very effective, but you may end up with a lot of different solutions and the hassles that come with using them.

Fortunately, many business solutions can now talk to each other. You can use the built-in APIs to integrate your workflow across multiple solutions or use third-party services like PieSync to bridge the gap between the solutions you use. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at how you can synchronize Salesforce – Active Campaign and discuss its benefits.

Why Use Salesforce – Active Campaign Combination?

Tools like Salesforce, Active Campaign, and other marketing automation solutions are designed to optimize marketing efforts and sales funnel. While they are very similar to each other, each has unique features designed for one part of the equation.

Salesforce, as the name suggests, focuses more on sales and lead management. It is a customer relationship management (CRM) suite that allows you to keep track of the customer journey from lead generation all the way to maintaining good relationships.

While Active Campaign has built-in CRM functions, the main features of this solution are geared more towards marketing automation. You get features like automated email marketing, dynamic content, site and app tracking and, of course, testing and monitoring tools.

The two work really well together, but Active Campaign and Salesforce integration isn’t always easy. In most cases, you have to update data in one solution manually when automatic updates are added to the other. It may seem like a small task to tackle but doing this type of manual update with thousands of customers is not the way to go.

Two-Way Lead Synchronization

That brings us to synchronization; two-way contact, and lead synchronization to be exact. To get the two solutions talking to each other, you need a third-party intermediary. The one to use is PieSync, an automation tool that works really well with a vast array of business solutions, including Active Campaign and Salesforce.

Setting up two-way lead synchronization using PieSync takes no more than five minutes. You start by adding both your Salesforce and Active Campaign accounts to PieSync. Next, you define the parameters you want to track on both platforms. You can track changes, add tags and other parameters, allowing you to customize the trigger based on your specific needs.

Next, you need to create a rule for the automation process. As the goal is to synchronize contacts and leads, you can use Marketing Qualified Leads in Salesforce and the addition of MQL tag in Active Campaign as a way to synchronize data across the two platforms. The same rule works the other way around. At this point, you have the two-way sync established.

You can further fine-tune the synchronization routines by adding a routine for updates, deletions, and status changes. That’s the beauty of PieSync; you have complete control over the automated processes and the flow of data from one platform to the other.

Understanding the Benefits

With the two-way synchronization established, it is easy to benefit from the best features offered by the two platforms. On the simplest level, you can integrate your automated marketing efforts with your sales funnel better, all while eliminating the need to manually update customer details and statuses on each platform.

When a new contact is added to Salesforce as a lead, for example, the contact will be added to Active Campaign automatically. Additional data and insights added to Salesforce will also be synced in the process. Active Campaign can use those insights to start automating marketing tasks, including the delivery of a personalized welcome email.

With the contact added to Active Campaign, it is also possible to understand the user better based on metrics and insights captured by the tracking tools on this platform. When users browse through your products and services, you gain a lot of insights on the products they are interested in the most. Since updates are automatically synchronized, Salesforce will also receive the same insights and updates.

For sales executives, keeping track of the customers as they go through the sales funnel becomes easier with more data to process. For marketers, supporting sales functions and converting leads into customers also become easier as they can always see where in the funnel each lead is. A more comprehensive marketing strategy can be implemented using tools available on both platforms.

Synchronization of contacts and leads is more than just eliminating the need for manual and repetitive tasks. From the benefits we discussed earlier, it is easy to see how a simple data synchronization can lead to endless possibilities for more robust and capable automation. Considering the entire routine can be set up in less than five minutes, there is no reason why you should not benefit more from these two incredible business solutions.

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