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22 Podcast Directories Where You Can Publish Your Show or Find Awesome Ones

22 Podcast Directories to Submit Your Show or Find a New One

It seems like everyone is starting a podcast these days. From business owners and marketers to celebrities and professional athletes, podcasting is becoming the go-to option for growing a personal brand and providing professional thought leadership. With nearly 50 million podcast episodes in existence, covering every subject imaginable, the podcasting trend doesn’t appear to be slowing.

If you have a podcast, are thinking about starting one, or if you are just looking to find a great show, you’re going to want to pay attention to this article. 

One of the significant challenges podcasters face is driving traffic to their podcast. Getting consistent listeners is vital to a podcast’s survival. The good news is that there are many different ways to drive traffic to a podcast, and one of those ways is to submit your podcast to a podcast directory.

A podcast directory is a platform that lists and organizes podcasts. These directories make it easier for visitors to find worthwhile podcasts to listen to. But even finding the right directory can be daunting.

This article presents a complete list of podcast directories to submit your podcast or find podcasts that appeal to your interests.



22 Podcast Directories


iTunes / Apple Podcasts

For years, Apple has been the leader in the technology world. The company sets new trends, and its competitors tend to follow in their footsteps. The story is no different in the podcast industry. Launched in 2005, the podcast app was initially a part of iTunes. But because of its popularity, Apple launched a dedicated Podcasts app in 2012. Since then, it has reached new heights of success and has more downloads than any other podcast app.

The Apple Podcast app has the largest audience of all podcast apps. If Apple does not list your show on the app, then you are not a true podcaster. The podcast app is a part of the Apple ecosystem. It is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and macOS. If you have the option to submit your podcast to only one directory, it should be Apple Podcasts. 

Beginning May 2021, Apple is launching premium subscriptions for its app, letting creators have multiple options of earnings through their podcasts. Podcast creators can make their paid shows available and charge their subscribers a monthly subscription. They will receive about 70% of the subscription minus taxes at each billing cycle. After one year of subscription, the revenue will jump up to 85% minus taxes. Visit iTunes/Apple Podcasts to submit your podcast and for more details. 



If any platform can compete against Apple Podcast, it is Spotify. A Swedish company launched in 2006, Spotify started as a music streaming platform. Because Spotify’s music platform was already well-known and integrated into the everyday lives of their subscribers, they didn’t need to attract new podcast listeners to their platform. As a result, their podcast launch was very successful. The company has 271 million active monthly users and offers both free and paid plans. Spotify is available for both Android and iOS, giving it an advantage over Apple Podcasts. Visit Spotify to submit your podcast and reach millions all over the world.



Google Podcasts

Arriving late to the game, Google came out with their podcast app just two years ago. But you are certainly missing out if you skip this platform for submitting your podcast. The latest Google Podcast app is also available for iOS and Android. Google has the strongest algorithm in the industry. Users get accurate podcast recommendations based on their interests. Your podcast can appear in Google search results if anyone searches a term according to your niche or topic.  Go to Google Podcasts to submit your podcast.



Castbox is another directory to submit your podcast. They have over 95 million in audio content available to choose from. The AI of the company is strong and recommends its users new and exciting podcasts every time. The company also draws its directories from Apple. You can submit your podcast here. Podcast Creators can also choose an option of featured podcasts on the app to get noticed quickly. Castbox also has a comment feature, just like a social media platform. It makes the platform more exciting and popular for the users.



Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is a free podcast player available on both iOS and Android. The app interface is user-friendly and provides exciting features for its users. Since its launch, the app has grown. It has a beautiful layout, and the convenient user interface is drawing more listeners to it. The company also offers a Featured Section of human-curated podcasts and paid placements for podcasters. You can consider this option if you want to increase your podcast’s downloads. Visit Pocket Casts to get started.


Stitcher is a well-known podcast platform. It was the first choice for android users for years as an alternative for Apple Podcasts until other players stepped in. It still has many active users, and the app works on iOS, Android, and many other smart devices. Stitcher can be integrated into Android Auto or Apple’s CarPlay. Over 50 car models support the Stitcher App. Another unique feature of Stitcher is its analytical reports. These reports let you see how many times your podcast has been downloaded, as well as other metrics. With these detailed analytics, you can work on your weaknesses and produce better content. Visit Stitcher to join the platform.



Digital Podcast

Digital Podcast is another excellent directory that you can submit your podcast to. It has active users worldwide, and the content is available in multiple languages. Podcasts are organized into different categories, making it easier for listeners to find what they want. Everybody can find something they like on this platform. Digital Podcasts have a section of featured podcasts as well. Submitting to this platform is straightforward. First, visit their site to create an account. Then, just paste your feed URL, choose your respective category, and you are good to go! 




Overcast is a user-friendly podcast platform and has many intelligent and unique features that make it stand out. It is a free podcast player only available on iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, and the Apple Watch. The app has a function that automatically removes the silent moments in a podcast episode. Other features such as smart speed and smart playlist give users an exciting listening experience. You cannot submit your podcast directly to Overcast. There is no separate inclusion process. Your podcast will list in Overcast automatically within one to two days after being listed in Apple Podcast. Visit Overcast for more details.

iHeart Radio

iHeartRadio is an American radio and podcast streaming platform. It is owned by iHeartMedia, the largest radio broadcaster in the United States. The platform has over 200 channels. The app allows users to customize their own podcast playlists. iHeartRadio also has a top 100 podcast chart. A significant feature of this platform is the iHeart podcast awards. There are nominations and winners, just like any other award show. The awards are an excellent incentive to podcasters. It also helps listeners find podcasts they may have otherwise ignored. The submission process to this platform is straightforward. Visit iHeart Radio and submit your podcast RSS feed URL to get it featured.



Blubrry is a platform where you not only submit podcasts but can also learn about podcasting. The website has a podcast manual that teaches all the basics of podcasting. From the history of the podcast to the product branding, the manual has everything you need. You can submit your podcast to all other major platforms from this directory. The platform has a variety of ways for podcasters to make money. By joining Blubrry’s Affiliate Program, you can make additional money promoting and selling their services. Blubrry Statistics is also a handy feature to get a detailed analysis of your listeners. The platform has a special PowerPress plugin. The plugin is free for all podcasters. By using the plugin, you have complete control of your brand. Overall, Blubrry is an excellent platform for podcasters. Visit blubbry.com to submit your podcast and get started.



You might get confused about the spelling like me, but it is not a typo mistake! Spreaker Studio is another podcast directory where you can submit your podcasts. In addition, the app has everything you need to create a podcast right from your desktop or mobile. On the platform, you can record, edit, publish and distribute your podcast. It also has a live podcast recording function. Podcasters can interact with the listeners while recording. In addition, the app also has a Skype podcast recording feature. Any guest can join the podcast without needing to join the platform. Spreaker has multiple plans for individual podcasters and companies. Visit Spreaker.com for more information.



TuneIn is a radio and podcast platform. People can explore different podcasts in multiple languages and across the globe. The app is available on all platforms from iOS, Android to mac and desktops. It also supports Google Home and Amazon Alexa. The weekly featured podcast on TuneIn includes the top podcast of the week. In addition, other features are available. About 75 million users are active on the Tunein platform, making TuneIn one of the largest for listening to podcasts. Visit tunein.com to submit your podcast to this directory.


PodBean Podcast App

The PodBean Podcast app has been in the podcasting business for over ten years. It has helped many podcasters get their start in the business. The platform has 0.5 Million active podcasters and over 8.3 billion downloads. An exciting feature of the PodBean platform is its distribution and promotion features. At PodBean marketing, podcasters and advertisers match with each other and make promotional deals. Also, PodBean allows you to do a live stream. The platform has a free basic plan to start. The pricing goes up to $99 per month for the business plan. Visit Podbean.com to submit your podcast.



As the name suggests, RadioPublic is the podcast and radio platform for the public. As with other podcasting platforms, they are helping podcasters reach more listeners. RadioPublic started as a podcast platform 15 years ago. This platform is more oriented towards generating revenue for podcasters. Also, the listeners can also tip the podcaster if they loved the show. Listeners can also bookmark or download episodes to listen to later. RadioPublic provides free marketing to podcasters, making it an excellent platform for beginners. Visit RadioPublic.com to start your journey as a podcaster on this directory.



Audioboom is a business-to-business podcast service. The platform has got something for everyone; listeners, podcasters, and advertisers can benefit from this platform. Podcasters, they can host, monetize and share their podcast here. Audioboom provides hosting for podcasters, and the content is distributed to the top podcast platforms. This includes Apple Podcast, Castbox, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and others. Audioboom also provides an embed service for podcasters. To earn money from your podcast, you must have 10 thousand plays per episode to get ads and sponsorship. You can join Audioboom at audioboom.com at $9.99 per month.



Podchaser is another podcast platform. The unique feature of this platform is listener ratings. Listeners rate the content and give ratings to the podcasters. Ratings benefit podcasters in many ways. Podcasters earn accolades for their hard work, and with good ratings come increased visibility and more listeners. The platform hosts many famous creators, like Barack Obama, Steve Harvey, and Ellen DeGeneres. Besides the free version, the platform also offers Podchaser Pro. There are multiple benefits to using Podchaser, making it is worth considering as your podcasting choice. Visit podchaser.com to join and discover the power of podcasting!


Player FM

PlayerFM is a cross-border podcast platform. It helps you to discover your favorite podcast from a variety of different categories. Moreover, the app has a friendly interface and is free to use. You can follow your favorite podcasters and get recommendations based on what you listen to. The app is available for both Android and iOS. In addition, a desktop app is available. Users can listen to the podcasts while driving as it supports Android Auto and Apple’s Car Play. If you want to list your podcast on Player FM, visit here to add and follow the steps.



Acast is a Swedish company founded in 2014. It provides hosting as well as monetization service for podcasters. The platform offers both free and paid podcast hosting for podcasters. Acast has unique advertising technology; a dynamic algorithm monitors listeners’ behaviors. Then, it shows ads to them based on their time, location, and data. It helps advertisers target specific niches and populations for their promotions. Acast Analytics provides reports to help contributors understand and grow the number of listeners. Like many other podcast hosting services, Acast lists your podcast to various directories like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Visit acast.com to sign up and to submit your podcast.



The Podcast Source by Libsyn

This podcast directory is The Podcast Source that is hosted by Libsyn. On the platform, you can design and control your podcasts the way you want. The company has partnered recently with Spotify, Pandora, and Radio.com. Also, it provides an excellent opportunity for podcasters to reach audiences on multiple platforms. The app is available on all the major podcasting platforms, including the Play Store and Apple App Store. Podcast Source by Libsyn is a paid podcast platform. There is no free plan available to start. To join the platform, sign up at Libysn.com. Then, choose your desired plan and category.


Learn Out Loud

As the name suggests, Learn Out Loud focuses on educational content. It has a wide range of options for its listeners and viewers. Free courses, audiobooks, documentaries, podcasts are all available on this platform. In addition, video content is available. If your podcast has educational material, then this is the perfect platform for you. It provides various marketing opportunities to earn income. Even if you don’t want to submit your podcast here, then join the affiliate program. You can earn up to 50% commission if anyone joins through your link. Visit learnoutloud.com for more details or submit your podcast.




Deezer is another popular podcast platform. The layout of the app and website is modern and refreshing. By sharing your podcast on Deezer, you can access around 14 million active users across 182 markets. In addition, Deezer does not take a commission from the revenue a podcaster earns. With ad monetization, you earn 100% of the revenue. The platform also provides analytics for podcasters. Adding your podcast to Deezer is free. Visit deezer.com and follow the instructions to submit your podcast. A technical team will review your podcast. If it fits on all the terms of service of Deezer, your show will be live in 24 hours.


Listen Notes

Listen Notes is a search engine for podcasts, not a podcast hosting platform. Instead, it will show your podcasts in search results. Once podcasts are added to their database, they will be visible on their website and app. It works just like Google but specifically for podcasters. The platform has a free and a paid plan. The free package gives you 2500 visits or hits per month. The price of the paid plan is $120/month with up to 25000 visits per month. To submit the URL of your podcast, sign up at Listennotes.com. It will take less than 5 minutes, and your podcast will appear in search results.

Thomas Martin
Tom is a member of the Editorial Team at StartUp Mindset. He has over 6 years of experience with writing on business, entrepreneurship, and other topics. He mainly focuses on online businesses, digital publishing, marketing and eCommerce startups.

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Tom is a member of the Editorial Team at StartUp Mindset. He has over 6 years of experience with writing on business, entrepreneurship, and other topics. He mainly focuses on online businesses, digital publishing, marketing and eCommerce startups.

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