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8 Offline Marketing Strategies for Restaurants


The Internet and social media have essentially devoured the advertising world. Digital marketing is many times free, fast, and effective. However, even in all its power and glory, the underdog that is offline marketing still exists and is more relevant than ever before.

With the number of ads launched into the digital stratosphere, many are bound to get lost. Consumers view hundreds of ads daily and have learned to black them out. Offline marketing will keep consumers intrigued and informed about a brand in creative ways; and help build a cohesive marketing portfolio for your brand.

Having the right offline strategy can help restaurants reach customers who have become numb to online advertising. It also helps these businesses reach customers who are not online at all. There are many more easy offline marketing strategies that can be incorporated into your business. In this article, however, we will look at some specific strategies restaurants can use to reach more customers.

Here are six ways to execute offline marketing for a restaurant:

  • Send mailers and flyers
  • Cater an event
  • Hand out samples to local businesses
  • Partner with other companies nearby
  • Place an ad in the newspaper or magazine
  • Host a meeting or game night

1. Send Mailers and Flyers

Mailers and flyers are a great way to notify people in your surrounding area that you have set up shop. Suppose you own a restaurant with a delivery service. In that case, giving homes in your delivery areas a flyer is vital. The flyer should include your restaurant name, slogan, menu, discounts or specials, and photos.

The flyer should be visually pleasing with images that display your restaurant’s star food items. Everyone must check their mail, so if you can create an eye-catching deal – you made yourself a sale! One of the goals you should have for your restaurant is to reach as many local customers as possible. Handing out flyers is a great way to catch the attention of potential customers in the neighborhood. 

2. Cater an Event

Think wedding and party venues, baby showers, or bars that don’t serve food – these are perfect opportunities to present your business. Catering can bring in significant revenues for your business and double as free advertisement.

Performing services for a wedding party of 250 people is 250 chances to make someone a customer. The quality of your food will inspire people to choose you next time they cater an event! Seeking out clients for catering can be done by calling and introducing your services to local clubs or event venues around town. You can also look up local events that will occur and contact people in charge to offer discounted catering services to gain exposure.

3. Hand out Samples to Local Businesses

There’s a reason why many brands around the globe make sample sizes of their products. Free samples are shown to boost sales by as much as 200%. Evidence also indicates that free samples foster a brand loyalty relationship with the consumer.

Once consumers receive a product for free, they feel obligated to return the favor. Samples allow the customer to get a taste of your business – and make a decision without an investment. It’s a great way to show confidence in your product and most likely can guarantee a sale.



4. Partner with Other Businesses Nearby

The main goal of a partnership is to widen your customer base. Strategic alliances will present you with the opportunity to reach new customers and can allow for free or decreased advertising costs. It would not be wise to partner with a business like yours but one that can expand your customer market by tapping into a different market.

For example, if your restaurant is located near self-storage business, you can offer cross-promotional flyers at each location. With every order, you can include a 10% discount on a storage unit. The storage unit can also offer a coupon for 10% a coupon for dinner at your restaurant for individuals who rent a unit monthly.

5. Place Ad in Paper or Local Magazine

Many will tell you that newspapers and magazines are dead, but I would beg to differ. Statistics show that 21% of people aged 65 years and older still read the paper daily. In fact, 7% of people don’t even use the Internet. This is where offline marketing fills in the gaps.

A restaurant is a place where people can eat, and everyone eats. Therefore, your marketing should reach all types of consumers. Newspapers and magazines are anchored in trust by their readers and are still considered a useful resource. Print ads are not as hefty in price as you’d think, and when marketing, no stone should be left unturned.

6. Host a Meeting or Game Night

Advertising in your local town/city for a game night gives people the opportunity for food and entertainment! This is no new idea, otherwise known as ‘dinner and a movie’, hosting a game night most likely will be a success. This added unique charm to your restaurant will have customers feeling excited to deviate from their otherwise dull dinner routines.

If not a game night, a themed night may also be a consideration. Whatever the occasion, associating a good time with your services will likely bring back returning customers. Hosting meetings at local businesses is another easy way to expose people to your brand and menu.

7. Attend a Local Fair or Festival

Attending a local fair or festival provides an opportunity to showcase your brand and menu to a large and diverse audience. This will help to increase brand awareness and attracting new customers once they’ve had your most popular menu items. It also gives you the opportunity to network and build relationships with other local businesses. You can introduce yourself to other vendors that are not your direct competition and see if there are opportunities to cross-promote.

Being a vendor at a local event can also help boost your reputation and credibility. By showcasing your food and drinks in front of a large crowd, you can demonstrate your quality, creativity, and expertise. This will ultimately impact your restaurant’s brand in a positive way. This can be especially valuable for small or new businesses trying to establish themselves in the market.


8.Have an Eye-Catching Window Displays and/or Outdoor Signage

Having an eye-catching sign for your restaurant is important as it helps to attract the attention of potential customers and draw them into your restaurant. A well-designed sign can make your restaurant stand out from the crowd and create a memorable first impression that can lead to increased foot traffic and sales.

An eye-catching sign is also an important aspect of your restaurant’s marketing and branding efforts. It can help to attract customers, establish your brand, provide information, and create a professional image. So, it’s important to put thought and effort into creating an effective sign for your restaurant.



Each piece of the marketing pie is essential for your business’s success. Taking each step at a time and covering all your bases will ensure that you have taken all the proper considerations when marketing for your restaurant. I hope this article has proved the relevancy and necessity of offline marketing for your restaurant!

If you’d like to expand your insight on this topic, check out our article, ‘how to integrate offline and online marketing in your business.’

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Elicia Ronto
Team Writer: Elicia Ronto, is a 30 year-old self-employed safety coordinator and part-time freelance writer. In October 2022, she graduated with her bachelors degree in business administration. Elicia is also a mother to a rambunctious 3 year-old girl and spends any extra time she has cleaning, reading, hitting the gym, or going on small weekend trips. Her goal is to someday pursue freelancing full time.

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Team Writer: Elicia Ronto, is a 30 year-old self-employed safety coordinator and part-time freelance writer. In October 2022, she graduated with her bachelors degree in business administration. Elicia is also a mother to a rambunctious 3 year-old girl and spends any extra time she has cleaning, reading, hitting the gym, or going on small weekend trips. Her goal is to someday pursue freelancing full time.

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