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10 Mobile Marketing Tools that Will Elevate Your Marketing Efforts


With the ubiquity of smartphones and mobile devices, mobile marketing has become an essential component of successful marketing strategies. Brands must embrace mobile marketing to engage consumers, drive conversions, and create memorable experiences.

Using our mobile devices is becoming an everyday necessity. Whether we notice it or not, mobile marketing has become a part of our daily lives. With this reality, businesses have been working hard to find the best methods and tools to help reach customers who are using mobile devices. Some of the primary types of mobile marketing strategies include content marketing or social media marketing, emails, in-app advertisements, SMS messages, and location-based and proximity marketing. These strategies are organized under four categories: price, place, product, and promotion.

There are many advantages of mobile marketing. And, understanding the strategies is important. However, what’s more important is how you execute them. To help you maximize your mobile marketing efforts, we’ve compiled a list of specific tools designed to elevate your campaigns, increase user engagement, and boost your ROI. While this is not an exhaustive list, it will give you insight into the tools that are out there that can help boost your mobile marketing efforts.


QR Code Generator.com

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can be scanned with a smartphone to directly link to text, emails, websites, phone numbers, and more. It took some time, but QR Codes are becoming more and more important to businesses needing to interact with customers. As a result, even small businesses can benefit from creating their own specific code. That is where the QR Code Generator comes in handy.

QR Code Generator.com is a web-based tool designed to create Quick Response (QR) codes. This tool is often used in marketing or information dissemination, where the convenience of immediate access to information is crucial. Undoubtedly, especially for non-online businesses, using QR codes is a mobile marketing best practice

To create a QR code for your business, start by accessing the website and choosing the type of content you want your QR code to lead to. This could be a URL, text, email, phone number, SMS, or even a WiFi network. Once selected, input the specific content in the provided field. For example, if you want to link to your business website, input its URL.

After entering the desired information, click “Generate” or “Create QR Code.” Just like that, the tool will create a unique QR code for you. The code can then be downloaded in several formats like PNG, SVG, or EPS to suit different uses. This QR code can be printed on business cards, posters, or advertisements.

The good news is that creating a unique code is free.


Google Analytics for Mobile

You may already be familiar with Google Analytics for tracking your website visits to see the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. However, there is a difference between mobile marketing and digital marketing. Understanding how users interact with your mobile site or app is crucial for optimizing your mobile marketing strategy. Google Analytics for Mobile provides comprehensive insights into user behavior. This allows you to measure and track app installations, in-app engagement, and conversions.

With its easy-to-understand dashboard, you can gain a deeper understanding of your mobile audience, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to improve your mobile marketing campaigns.



Deep linking is essential for delivering seamless user experiences, especially in mobile marketing. Branch.io is a powerful tool that enables you to create deep links that direct users to specific content or pages within your app.

These links can be used in marketing materials, social media posts, and other channels to increase app engagement and drive conversions. In addition to deep linking, Branch.io offers comprehensive attribution tracking and analytics, helping you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.


App Annie

Staying ahead of the competition in the crowded mobile app market requires a deep understanding of market trends and user preferences. App Annie is a powerful app analytics and market data platform that provides invaluable insights into app usage, consumer behavior, and competitive benchmarks.

The platform offers comprehensive data with an easy-to-use interface. The benefit of this tool is that it can help you make informed decisions about your mobile marketing strategy. Also, it can aid you in identifying opportunities for growth and optimizing your app’s performance.




Push notifications can be a powerful tool for driving user engagement and retention in your mobile app. OneSignal is a robust push notification platform that simplifies the process of creating, scheduling, and sending targeted push notifications to your users.

According to OneSignal, On average, 52% of app users subscribe to push notifications. One nice feature is that the tool can enable businesses the opportunity to get more opt-ins by setting up a no-code in-app message before the required push permission prompt. The prompt explains how notifications will benefit your users. Tell users what they’ll miss out on if they don’t subscribe.

With its customizable templates and advanced segmentation features, OneSignal enables you to deliver personalized notifications that drive app usage and conversions. Additionally, OneSignal offers comprehensive analytics to help you track the performance of your push notification campaigns and optimize your strategy.


Mobile Action

This next tool is actually a collection of tools to boost mobile marketing efforts. Mobile Action is an all-in-one App Store optimization tool with a plethora of features. ASO is essential for improving your app’s visibility and increasing downloads and should be one of the goals for mobile marketing if you’ve got an app.

Mobile Action is an app marketing platform that provides actionable insights and recommendations for improving your app. It has a powerful suite of tools, including keyword tracking, competitor analysis, and app store intelligence. You can even get insights into your competitor’s marketing strategies!

Mobile Action helps you optimize your app store listings, identify growth opportunities, and increase organic downloads. For those who are serious about getting the most out of their mobile marketing efforts, this particular tool is an essential.




Attribution tracking is vital for understanding the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaigns and making data-driven decisions. Adjust is a comprehensive mobile measurement and fraud prevention platform. It enables you to track the performance of your marketing channels, identify high-value users, and optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI.

Its features include real-time analytics, a customizable dashboard, and extensive integration options. Adjust can help you gain a holistic view of your mobile marketing efforts and improve your overall strategy.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business has emerged as an effective mobile marketing tool, offering businesses an innovative way to communicate with customers and enhance user engagement. As one of the most popular messaging apps globally, WhatsApp provides a massive user base, making it an attractive platform for brands to connect with their audience.

WhatsApp Business enables companies to create a professional presence. You can use it for setting up a business profile complete with essential information. For example, things such as contact details, website, and location. The app facilitates efficient customer service. This is done through automated quick replies. This feature enables businesses to respond promptly to frequently asked questions. Additionally, the use of end-to-end encryption ensures secure communication. This will undoubtedly foster trust between customers and brands.

The ability to send targeted promotions, product updates, and personalized messages via WhatsApp Business promotes customer retention and loyalty.


Textedly is a powerful mobile marketing tool that leverages the potential of SMS marketing to connect businesses with their audience. With its easy-to-use interface and robust feature set, Textedly simplifies the process of creating and managing targeted text message campaigns.

The platform allows businesses to send promotional messages, event notifications, and personalized offers directly to customers’ mobile devices, ensuring high visibility and engagement. With a 98% open rate for SMS messages, and 90% open rate within the first 20 minutes, Textedly capitalizes on this high-impact communication channel to effectively reach customers.

Textedly also supports multimedia messaging service (MMS). It  enables businesses to include images, videos, and audio files in their campaigns for a more immersive experience. Moreover, the platform’s built-in analytics help track the performance of campaigns and gain insights into customer behavior, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Pusher Beams

Push notifications can be a powerful way to engage with your audience. Pusher Beams is a tool that makes sending notifications easy. This tool allows you to send transactional push notifications to iOS and Android devices. The app deliver helps deliver critical transactional information in real time, without complex integrations and maintenance. You can easily notify your users of updates, promotions, and new content, fostering continuous engagement.



Mobile marketing is essential for reaching and engaging your audience in today’s digital landscape. By leveraging the power mobile marketing tools, you can gain valuable insights and optimize your campaigns. As a result, you are able to maximize your ROI. So, consider investing in these tools to create seamless and personalized experiences for your users. Remember, driving app engagement can propel your brand to new heights.

Thomas Martin
Tom is a member of the Editorial Team at StartUp Mindset. He has over 6 years of experience with writing on business, entrepreneurship, and other topics. He mainly focuses on online businesses, digital publishing, marketing and eCommerce startups.

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Tom is a member of the Editorial Team at StartUp Mindset. He has over 6 years of experience with writing on business, entrepreneurship, and other topics. He mainly focuses on online businesses, digital publishing, marketing and eCommerce startups.

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