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Leveraging Content Marketing to Improve Your Website Conversions

Website traffic is a common statistic passed around by business owners and managers. How many visitors are you getting per day, or per month? While it’s great to get traffic, that traffic isn’t going to do you much good if it doesn’t convert. By ‘convert’, we mean that the visitor to your site takes the action that you would like them to take. That may mean making a purchase, or it may be something like signing up for a mailing list. Whatever it is, maximizing your conversions is the true key to long-term success.

If you talk to an SEO management company, you are likely to hear that content marketing can play a big role in improving your conversions.  You probably already know that content marketing is important, but you may not have thought about it as a conversion tool. When used correctly, it can be just that.


A Consistent Message


One of the best ways to get potential customers to trust your brand is to deliver a consistent message time after time. The visitor should know exactly what your brand stands for, what you offer, and why they should consider your products or services. Through quality content marketing, you can go a long way toward promoting a consistent message across all channels that your brand uses for marketing.


Think About Developing a Relationship


It’s easy to fall into the trap of just trying to sell, sell, sell at every turn. This is almost always a mistake. The goal is to sell, of course, but you may need to take some smaller steps along the way before reaching that point. Specifically, you may need to build a relationship with your leads and website visitors. As is the case with any good relationship, there needs to be a give and take. Think about delivering value to your potential customer in unexpected ways – such as with an informative blog post that has nothing to do with your product or service. Identify something your target market is likely to be interested in and use that as the focus of a content piece.

Keep It Up


Consistency is a major key with regard to content marketing. If you are going to post a few articles in a given week – and then not post again for a month – you may as well not bother at all. Your website visitors are going to want to see that you are posting fresh, relevant information, as doing so makes your business look active and engaged. While content marketing is certainly not the only piece of the web conversions puzzle, it is one that should not be ignored.

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