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How to Make Your Heath and Fitness Business Stand Out


It is a fact that the health and fitness Industry is one of the biggest makers of income. From workouts and supplements, to lotions and fitness equipment, the demand for health and fitness products and services is still rising. It appears that wherever you look, there is emphasis on health and fitness.

If you are a personal trainer, nutrition specialist, or a fitness instructor this is both amazing and terrifying news. The amazing part is that there is a lot of cash to be made in this industry. The terrifying side of it is that a lot of people are already taking their share of it. As a health and fitness personnel, it is, therefore, imperative that you stand out amongst the rest to have a chance of making money.

Master Your Online Presence 

The first thing any business can do to get extra exposure is to have a website that looks professional. Ignoring this significant step can really hurt your company, especially when the web is the first place many consumers go for information and resources. Getting a website is extremely easy as there are a lot of professional companies that makes them, or you could hire a freelancer who makes websites for a living. You can also create your own through a site like Squarespace or Wix.

Take a step further and offer your services online. This is a region that a lot of businesses are just starting to consider, even those that had a site up and running. They likely restricted their site to just giving out information to their customers.  This is particularly valid for those looking for different options for health products. Virtual workouts are now more common than 5 years ago. This was due to a world-wide pandemic. Whatever you service, begin to think about how can offer a virtual version.



Create an Irresistible Offer

Even when you offer your products online and make it more convenient for your customers, it is a winning bet to say that you are not the first company to offer this. Make your business different by offering irresistible offers and “no-brainer” deals. Add a lot of bonuses to every deal in order to sweeten it. Add benefits that your clients will get from you that they would not get from your competitors.

Risk-Free Guarantee

Remove the risk involved in clients doing business with you by offering a “bullet-proof “guarantee. Make your guarantee clear & convincing. Tons of companies get concerned about providing a guarantee as they worry that once they start promoting their guarantee program, return rates are going to go through the roof. The truth about this is that although return rates may rise a little, the extra sales you are sure to generate from heavily promoting your guarantee program will well and truly compensate for it. The benefits far outweigh the negatives.


Blog and Vlog on Health and Fitness

One of the quickest ways to stand out in the fitness industry is to publish YouTube fitness videos. Publishing videos and writing articles on health and fitness topics will help you be seen as an expert in the field. The tips and suggestions you give through video and written text will attract people who need your help.

By publishing articles and videos online, you will also give potential customers insight into your personality and health philosophy. Everybody is different and customers like to have a better understanding of the person they are entrusting with their fitness goals.

Make it your goal to help people while promoting your business and you will notice an increase interest in you and your business.


Brand Your Workout, Program, or Product

Black And White Shot Of Woman Using Gymnastic Rings In Gym

Your workout may be unique in a way that may help you stand out.  Think Tae-bo or Zumba.  The workouts don’t differ much from similar cardio workout but they are unique enough to market.

Here are some tips for branding your workout or product:

Make It Quality

This is if you are selling a product.  Everyone is leaning towards more organic and quality products. Make sure the ingredients you are using pass the standards of your customers.  Keep in mind, however, that it will be more expensive for you to produce.  But most of the time, the market will gladly pay more for a quality product.

Make it Social

Along with engaging people on social media, your product should be something that people want to share.  Zumba workouts exploded when the people who attended the classes began to invite friends.  Making it social means making your workout or program that people can do as a group.

Crossfit has grown to more than a type of workout.  Crossfit is more of a culture (some call it a cult, but I wouldn’t go that far).  But it all starts with a person loving something so much that they recruit others.

Make Sure it Works

If you are in the health and nutrition industry, it is important to make your product is something that will enhance or even change someone’s life.  It’s not enough to say that your product will do something.  More importantly, it should what you claim. In 2012, Vita Coco – the company responsible for igniting the coconut water craze–agreed to settle a $10 million class action lawsuit over allegedly misleading nutritional claims.

Vita Coco marketing its self as a way to hydrate “naturally”.  Coconut water may be a great way to hydrate, but the company made claims about the electrolyte content of their product along with describing the product as “super-hydrating,” “mega-electrolyte,” “super-water”.  An independent study found that Vita Coco’s product did not have as much electrolyte as it claimed.  If you make a claim on your product or workout, you need to stand by those claims.  Nothing beats results!





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