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How Quantified Media Is Changing The Landscape Of Advertising

Digital media provides marketers with a single thing they all crave: measurable, immediate feedback. In a world where businesses must work with limited resources and marketers are expected to respond to challenging questions regarding marketing strategies, a sure-fire way of building a solid knowledge base is digital media. It offers the kind of creative messaging that will prompt your business prospects to action.

While traditional media remains crucial, it is no longer capable of producing measurable results. Taking an increasingly more prominent role in today’s digital advertising technology are agencies that become the enablers for brands.

Who are Quantified Media?

For businesses, data collection is essential. However, to optimize the value of that data, it needs to be used alongside technology. Based in New York, Quantified Media is a media agency that was inspired by the belief that when data and creativity are used together, the results can be outstanding. The agency consists of designers, creators, and copywriters who are engaged in creating e-commerce platforms for global clients. Quantified Media has in its arsenal, a broad range of disciplines within the digital space designed to give your company results.

Among the services provided by this agency include digital design, digital marketing, advertising, paid research, lead generation, content creation, and web development. With over 10 years of experience, Quantified Media handles a wide range of disciplines towards creating quantifiable, meaningful e-commerce platforms.

What does Quantified Media Do?

Quantified Media offers international clients technological expertise. This is through their wide range of digital marketing services designed to provide creative and effective solutions for your business problems. They customize a strategy so that it fits the specific requirements of your company.

Business measurements are gathered and analyzed with the goal of determining the most effective route towards achieving personalized results. Increasingly, digital marketing is becoming a complicated field, and the goal of Quantified Media is to make it easier for your brand or company to roll out effective campaigns.

The Quantified Media Approach

Quantified Media employs some of the most effective and latest tools. All the decisions that are made at Quantified Media are solely based on empirical data and knowledge. In turn, the improved data analysis leads to more informed business decision making. The digital analysis skills at Quantified Media help your business to optimize your data.

Their experts provide you with comprehensive information and feedback on the performance of each of your company’s landing pages. The goal of Quantified Media is to make sure that conversions are indeed taking place through testing and optimization. The agency also carries out research to help you understand your business trends, past site performance, and target audience.

Quantified Media services also help you cut down on wasteful advertising spending that is not contributing to the desired results. They have a specialty in terms of connecting businesses with clients. Their data analysis takes out the guesswork from managing a successful marketing

How Can Quantified Media Tailor Their Services to My Business

There are many companies out there who offer services that are like the ones offered by Quantified Media. As such, you may find yourself wondering how this service can tailor their services to your business to ensure your business benefits from this service and receives a higher conversion rate.

The first thing Quantified Media will do is collect data and analyze that data. This data may reveal information so as how your potential customers are finding your web page, how long potential customers stay on your website, what they are clicking on within your web page, what attracts them to your website, and what services they order and what services or products they look at but decide not to order. Other information collected may be about the demographic of your customer, including their sex, age, location and household income amount. All of this information is then analyzed to help you improve your website and run advertising campaigns that advertise the products your customers are looking for or to invest more into advertising campaigns that target the demographic who is finding your website.

However, the initial data collection is not enough to keep your business on the cusp of success. Data collection needs to continue. Your target customer may change or you may find that marketing campaigns go stale. Unfortunately, without data collection, you may not learn this information until you see a drop in your sales or a decline in your services.

Having a company that continues to collect and analyze data continuously helps you know that you need to change things up before your business takes a drastic downturn. It also helps you determine what marketing techniques are working for your business, so you can make changes or tweaks to these campaigns, or stop them in lieu of other campaigns that are working, so you don’t waste your valuable marketing money.

No two online businesses are alike. As such, data collection and analytical services need to be tailored to the business that it is working with. If you use a company that takes a standard approach to these services, you may find that they simply do not work for your business or are not as effective. Quantified Media tailors their services directly to your business, helping to ensure the data collected and analyzed is applied to your business in the correct way.


Brands are now shifting to quick turnaround and lower-cost digital campaigns. For the traditional media agencies, it’s time to collapse or adapt. Today, it’s not only the relationships between media owners, brands and agencies that are being radically altered, but media buying itself is also in a state of change. Among the key benefits of using external media marketing agencies such as Quantified Media is that they offer a fresh view. Today, Quantified Media is effectively rewriting the digital advertising code.

This agency can handle any of your projects ranging from creating content to web design, all geared towards strengthening your company growth. By employing the most effective and updated tools along with their years of analytics expertise, Quantified Media will help your business deliver the desired digital results. In addition, the agency provides you with a broader and better understanding of the modern digital marketing landscape.

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