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5 Important Goals for a Cleaning Business to Set


If your entrepreneurial drive and talent to clean and organize has led you to launch a cleaning business, you’re not alone. There are 1,200,270 janitorial services businesses in the US as of 2023, an increase of 3.6% from 2022. This is unsurprising as running a cleaning service business has many financial and non-financial benefits. Although it might be grueling and grimy work, there is plenty of wealth to be earned in the cleaning business with the right amount of effort. 

For one, operating a cleaning business can provide a sense of fulfillment by helping others maintain a clean and healthy living or work environment. Another benefit is that the demand for professional cleaning services is consistently high. Many commercial and residential clients are consistently looking for a good service to take care of their cleaning needs. Also, owning a cleaning business allows for a flexible schedule and the ability to set your own rates.

Needless to say, with the right marketing strategies, a cleaning business can quickly grow and expand. But, as the owner, you need to set the right goals to take advantage of this opportunity. Good business goals will help you stay focused and motivated. They can also help you understand the direction your business is going.

There are many types of goals a business owner or entrepreneur should be setting. But which goals should you be focusing on for a cleaning business? In this article, we will list 5 important goals you should set for a cleaning service business.


Grow Client Base

One of the most important factors in keeping a successful cleaning business is growing a healthy client base. The cleaning service business model relies heavily on having a profitable client base. As your business grows, one of the main goals should be to grow that base of clients.

 Client bases can be grown in a few ways:

  • Ask for referrals-Offer discounts to your current clients in exchange for referrals. 
  • Word of mouth– Sharing business cards or communicating with other businesses that may need your services may help the business grow at a rapid rate if done effectively. Attractive business cards with a clear name and contact will be helpful. To expand the network further, add a QR code on the business card that will take customers to your website or social media page.
  • Offer risk-free promotions-Offer discounts and money-back guarantees to first-time clients. This will help you showcase your abilities and attract new clients. 

Growing your client base can lead to plentiful success and wealth for your business. Although this is only one of the first steps of keeping a productive cleaning business, keeping a wide client base is essential to the overall health of a business in cleaning. 


Gain High Customer Satisfaction

Keeping customers happy is one of the first goals you should have for your business. This is because happy clients typically return. This promises your company a steady income as long as you maintain a high quality of customer service and quality work. Returning clients help businesses grow financially and through network building. They also offer employees and management familiarity that builds a good working environment. 

Happy customers are the first to share the amazing services they received with their friends and family. This also grows the company’s reputation, allowing the business to get noticed and thrive. An amazing way to help customers maintain happiness in a new cleaning business is to offer them incentives for leaving positive reviews of your company’s services online. This can bring customers back and allow a wider audience to know about your services offered. 


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Increased Efficiency

Increasing efficiency in your cleaning business is very important. Doing so allows you to complete more jobs in less time. This can increase your profitability and help you to grow your business. Also, it can improve the quality of your services. You are your cleaners will be able to complete tasks more effectively and to a higher standard.

Meeting a higher standard can improve customer satisfaction, as clients will appreciate a more efficient and effective service. Finally, it can help you to reduce costs and waste. As you optimize your use of staff, equipment, and supplies, you will save money by not wasting time and resources.

Here are a few ways to increase efficiency:

  • Investing in high-quality cleaning equipment- Equipment will last longer and do a better job at cleaning when everything is up to date. Keeping updated equipment will help your employees work quickly.
  • Create a cleaning checklist– Create a detailed cleaning checklist for each client or job. Include all areas that need to be cleaned and the specific tasks that need to be completed. This will help your cleaners stay organized and ensure that all tasks are completed efficiently.
  • Develop a scheduling system– Implement a scheduling system that allows you to reduce downtime between jobs. This will help you to complete more jobs in less time, increasing efficiency and profitability.
  • Use technology– Use technology such as scheduling software and communication tools to streamline your business operations and reduce administrative tasks. This will help you to focus on getting the cleaning done faster.

Businesses that produce quality work quickly are memorable and catch the eye of those in need of both last-minute and long-term services. This allows them to excel over time.


Add Additional Services

A cleaning service business usually has many different services it provides. Many offer basic cleaning, routine cleaning, and move-out/in cleaning services. However, if you want to go beyond these basics and increase revenue, you can add additional services.

One service your cleaning business could add is maid and housekeeping services. Most cleaning businesses offer cleaning of the home which includes dusting or washing the blinds, cleaning the inside of the ovens, and cleaning floors and windows. In addition to house cleaning, maid and housekeeping services go beyond these. 

They can include things like washing dishes and doing laundry. These additional services are offered to help with household chores and many home cleaning clients would love to add that to their home cleaning packages. 

However, it is important to be clear to your clients about this service. The maid or housekeeping service is not designed to do things like caregiving, childcare, or pet care. Those types of services should be done by other types of professionals. Also, these services may require special training as well as additional licenses.


Expand to New Markets

If you’ve found some success in your current market, a goal to set for your business is to branch out to new markets. This could mean expanding the coverage area of your business. Perhaps taking clients from an adjacent county or city. You can also expand from cleaning residential homes to cleaning commercial buildings.

To expand to a new market, start by conducting market research. This is done to determine if there is a demand for your services in the new market. Furthermore, this will help identify potential customers, competitors, and market trends.

From there you’ll need to create a marketing plan to reach potential customers in the new market. You can duplicate the plan you successfully executed in your market. However, if you haven’t already done so, consider using online advertising, social media, and local print media.

It is important to note that expanding to a new market may mean hiring local staff who are familiar with the new market. Doing this can help you establish a presence in the area. Lastly, establish partnerships in the areas where you plan to expand. You can establish partnerships with local businesses, such as real estate agents or property managers, to increase your exposure and build your reputation in the new market.


Taking these tips can help your cleaning business grow greatly, or may even be of assistance to those looking to start a cleaning business of their own. If you have the elbow grease it takes to join the cleaning check out our article on the Business Model for A Cleaning Service. If you’re wondering about the right way to set your goals, check out our other article on how to set business goals.

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Team Writer: Edmond is a professional leader who is dedicated to bettering the community through articles that are informative yet entertaining. After spending two years in the National Society of Leadership and Success, bringing his skills of leadership to the business world comes with simplicity. Aside from living his passion through a career in writing, Edmond spends his spare time cooking, painting, and with his family.

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Team Writer: Edmond is a professional leader who is dedicated to bettering the community through articles that are informative yet entertaining. After spending two years in the National Society of Leadership and Success, bringing his skills of leadership to the business world comes with simplicity. Aside from living his passion through a career in writing, Edmond spends his spare time cooking, painting, and with his family.

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