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Four ways for improving security of your workplace

There’s no escape from the fact that workplace security is a topical subject in many offices globally. You will be surprised to know that more than 2 million workers fall prey to workplace violence every year and the number continues to rise. If, as an employer, your workplace never had such an issue then you better keep your guard down. However, you can always expect a criminal breaking your front door carrying arms and weapons. This is the main reason why workplace security should be the top priority for everyone. In this article we will paddle four suggestions you must keep in mind when improving the security of your office.

1.      Install surveillance cameras

CCTV cameras are not just an option but the need of the hour owing to the intense climate of the criminal world. The best part about modern surveillance cameras is they can rotate a complete 360 degree and also record voice. Furthermore they also detect faces very clearly, helping the cops find the criminal. CCTV cameras should be installed not only outside the workplace but also within the premises to make sure that employees never cause any damage to the office in the form of stealing data or important assets.

2.      Incorporate lanyards

It is very important that every employee of your office has an identity card when he/she enters the premises. Lanyards are very crucial in today’s time for they help the security guards in recognizing the actual employees of the company. Most workplaces are often flooded with visitors and interns who don’t have an active registration as full-time employees of the company. Though the benefit of digital ID is unmatchable, lanyards will make it easy for you recognize your employees even if somebody has just joined recently.

3.      Hire Security Guards

If your office is located in a commercial area, you cannot reply to a single security guard to take care of the building. Secondly if your workplace is often flocked by new visitors and job seekers, you must hire an entire team to make sure that no unauthorized person gains access unless allowed by the firm. Security guards are crucial, for they also act as a defense against any criminal activity. They also prevent physical conflicts by intruding between the fights happening within the premises of the office.

4.      Implement access control

Even if you have a cosmopolitan culture at the workplace, not everyone should be allowed to enter yours or the senior managerial staff’s offices all the time. You need to implement access control to give authorized access to few people in the office. The best way to implement access control is to install it in sensitive areas that encapsulate important assets of the firm and have discrete files. You could also issue keyless cards to your employees to enter so and so office.


Make sure that all your employees leave their laptops in the office before they leave. The damage caused by outside is not as reckoning as is caused by people who are working inside the premises.

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