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8 Easy Habits That Will Transform Your Productivity

8 Easy Habits That Will Transform Your Productivity

Being productive is essential to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Creating productivity habits is the key to becoming productive, because habits are automatic, and we do not expend too much energy on doing them.

So while there are plenty of great habits to integrate into your life, the following practices are the ones that will skyrocket your productivity. These strategies go beyond the basics of eating well, sleeping well, and exercising, daily which are all habits you should have already established by now.

Get Home On Time

Stop the bad habit of going home late or doing overtime. While you might get a couple of extra tasks done, it is not worth it, because your energy will suffer and your future productivity will get affected too.

What you can do instead is to focus on being more productive during the work hours provided for you so that your post-work activities will not be compromised.



The Planning Habit

Integrating the planning mindset in your life will do wonders for your productivity. Start off by planning your week on Sunday before the week starts, and schedule time to do your most important work. By creating time for your most important tasks, the week will be productive, because these tasks create the most impact for your business.

For example, sales and marketing are one of the most important tasks for an entrepreneur. Get ready and schedule for that business meeting or business call so that your mindset for the week is already set.

Stop Repeatedly Checking Email

Is one of the tabs on your laptop your email? Stop that bad habit, and instead select two times during the day where you will spend a few minutes checking and replying to it.

Email is a necessary evil in the modern world, and we need to put barriers or limits to it. A small percentage of emails need immediate attention, so find two convenient times to check up and reply as necessary to your emails.

One of the best times to check email would be after lunch when we get the afternoon sleepiness bug. These hours are when our energy goes down, and it is difficult to work on serious work. So instead, you can do adminstrative tasks such as emails. You will be saving precious hours, because you are doing your most important business tasks during your productive hours.

Follow the Rule of 3

To-Do-Lists are great, but we can only do so much for a day. So instead of writing ten pages of the to-do list for your day, just select three.

The Rule of 3 states that you should limit your key tasks for the day to three so that your mind can focus on them and all energy is directed to completing those tasks.

Do What Makes You Happy

Happiness is a powerful tool to boost productivity. We are most productive when we are happy. We also get a creativity boost when we are happy. As such, integrate into your daily routines activities that make you happy. For example, many entrepreneurs love to read. So devote an hour or so daily to reading.

One of the things that make me happy is writing. So I spend some time daily to just pen out my thoughts. After that session, I get energized and ready to tackle my most important tasks of the day. Of course, you also have your own different hobbies. Find time to do them, despite your packed schedule as an entrepreneur.

Single Tasking

One of the biggest crimes against productivity is multitasking. You should be mono-tasking instead. Doing different things at the same time expends energy, and at the end of it, you do not complete your essential tasks. By focusing on the task at hand, it boosts the probability of entering the state of Flow, which is one of the states we should always strive to be in because it levels up our productivity level.


If you have the funds to get a virtual assistant, you should. This will boost your productivity, because you get to delegate the tedious, little value, but necessary business tasks that should get done as well.

These are things such as research, design, invoicing, and other smaller tasks that you still need to do but are not necessarily high-value tasks. You should also try to outsource things that you are not good at, and therefore things you are unlikely to enjoy.

So find time to delegate these to a virtual assistant so that you can focus on the essentials. Doing this runs well with the 80/20 Pareto rule that can transform your life and business.


Having a messy home, workspace, or room can all mentally drain your mind, which can drastically affect your productivity.

So take some time off daily to check your possessions. Ask yourself, do you need it? Do you use it? If not, it is time to sell it, give it to someone else, or permanently dispose of it. One of the best habits you can integrate into your life before you head off to work is to clean your bed and room so that when you return home, you see something calming to your mind.

At work, make sure that you file your materials well, and get rid of things that you are not using anymore or things that just make your work area cluttered. Being productive is something everyone can achieve. It just takes some strategic tweaks in your habits and routines.

Argee Abadines
Staff Writer: Argee Abadines is a writer and entrepreneur. He runs Bruner Learning Hub, an innovative learning center in the Philippines.
As an educator entrepreneur, he also runs The Filipino Teacher, a valuable resource for teachers.

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Staff Writer: Argee Abadines is a writer and entrepreneur. He runs Bruner Learning Hub, an innovative learning center in the Philippines. As an educator entrepreneur, he also runs The Filipino Teacher, a valuable resource for teachers.

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