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5 Ways to Use Fear as Fuel

5 Ways to Use Failure as Fuel

Failure can be pretty demotivating if you let it. What if you didn’t, though? What if you took in all the information that caused the failure? What if you didn’t take it as a personal hit that you, yourself are a failure? Failure can actually be your greatest motivator to accomplish anything. You might even consider it a healthy fear. The more afraid you are of failing, the harder you’ll work, which almost always leads to success. Keep in mind that failure puts you in good company. Steve Jobs fumbled a fair amount before his ultimate success.

Be afraid of fear, be very afraid. Do the work in spite of the potential for fear, but let it fuel you to reach for the stars. Remember that you can achieve a lot more out of your fear of failure than the desire to succeed. Tony Robbins explains that if you think about what must NOT happen, it’s far more powerful than striving for a goal.

It’s not to say that you should allow yourself to feed into irrational fears. Sorting out the healthy fears can bring you greater success, but the irrational fears can hold you back. Managing your fear is what defines whether it will be useful or not. Strange fears such as spiders or heights will likely stick with us no matter how much we confront them. Managing them is under your control, however. To manage any fear, such as talking in front of people to pitch your big idea, comes down to focus.

When you focus on these five crucial points, you can effectively use your fear as fuel.

1. Focus on Your Goals and Dreams

Past whatever disappointment you experience, it’s important to focus on your goals so you don’t get demotivated. Forget what you were programmed to believe. Consider that a lot of things that have become your reality are based on your upbringing. This whole concept actually has a name. It’s called the imposter phenomenon. We often feel like we don’t deserve the success we get. We haven’t really done anything to earn praise or financial status. Often, we are worried that we’ll be called out for being a fraud.

It’s like the brain is telling us to dim our light for fear of shining too brightly. You have to be conscious that this is happening. The message may come in other ways that also make it challenging to see, so keep that in mind. If you are feeling fear for no particular reason, this could be the deeper message the psyche is feeding you. No matter how much money you make or how successful others see you, you may feel less than you actually are.

This is where focusing on your dreams really helps deter this kind of thinking. If you fill your mind with what you are after in life, there is little space for the self-doubt mind chatter. Feeding your dreams to starve those fears.

2. Positive Thinking

It’s a bit redundant, but really fear has no chance against positivity. See the world as full of opportunities, and chances are pretty good that you’ll be right. Focus on the good parts of your life instead of making the possibility of failure the biggest part of your thoughts. Negativity might be surrounding you, but this is where you need to take a step back and find out how to negate that energy.

It’s really all in your power to maintain absolute hope, courage, and positivity in your life. Focusing specifically on everything falling apart could cause a domino effect.

3. Focus on What you Can Change or Bend

Fear is something we all experience, but this doesn’t mean you have to feed into it. Some leaders will focus on aspects where they have immediacy and not necessarily influence. Urgency is distracting. What you want to do is focus on what’s in your power to change things. Changing things to avoid urgency helps everyone in your business.

If you put effort on tasks that processes that produce positive results, you’ll find that everything runs smoother. The fear of failure can often have a lot to do with urgencies that have occurred in the past. These failures should serve as a learning process to make your business better. If you can foresee these mistakes or failures beforehand because you’re afraid of specific outcomes, you can avoid any setbacks.

4. Letting Go of the Past Failures

While you look towards the future, it’s also important to let go of past failures. This can be most easily done by really seeing what happened in the situation. So do the analyzing that needs to be done and then let it go. Don’t try to pretend failure hasn’t occurred, give it the due respect it deserves but then be done with it. Let go of the baggage that may restrict all future decisions.

5. The Gratuity Card

It really is important to be grateful. This brings your view back to a much more positive and constructive place. Instead of allowing yourself to be repressed with fear-based thoughts which lead to negative feelings such as self-pity, mistrust, and resentment, look at the good stuff going on. What is working for you? What good people do you have in your life supporting you?

Reach out to your customers and colleagues, and make them feel wonderful because you’re showing gratitude. This in turn makes you feel good. You can experience your value when you see how you can positively influence people. There are plenty of ways to hone your gratefulness. However you choose to be grateful, it will all be advantageous for getting rid of irrational fear and giving you the courage to push forward.

Fear doesn’t have to be negative. You really can use it to your advantage. The five-year-old in your head makes a lot of talk. It tells you that you should be afraid and may even conjure up some past memory to prove that you are in danger. Knowing that your inner child is primarily involved with irrational fears should help you to see that you can take control of your own thoughts.

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Loraine Couturier
Staff writer: Loraine Couturier is a jet set writing chick from Canada that travels around the globe. Her writing and marketing skills are what keeps her eating exotic meals and jumping on planes. Loraine loves writing about pretty much anything and likes to pass on the knowledge she has to others. Visit her at lorainecouturier.com

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Staff writer: Loraine Couturier is a jet set writing chick from Canada that travels around the globe. Her writing and marketing skills are what keeps her eating exotic meals and jumping on planes. Loraine loves writing about pretty much anything and likes to pass on the knowledge she has to others. Visit her at lorainecouturier.com


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