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5 Ways to Manage Your Remote Team While Traveling

The holidays are a joyous and wonderful time of year. While some may be stressed over last-minute shopping, dinner preparations or how they are going to try and see everyone, being in the office seems like the least of their troubles.

Between vacations, flexible hours and holiday events, having to be in the office for work can be quite the endeavor at times. This new era of digital solutions now allows workers to simply answer calls or emails by their phone or at home setup. The line between being home and being at work gets even more blurred, especially when the holidays come around.

That is why using the proper tools to help keep communication open and work flowing cohesively is imperative. These tools don’t just have to be physical ones, but ones that are simple practices that can help enhance productivity during the most ‘out of office’ time of year.


Here are some of those tips to help successfully manage your team when the holiday season comes around and your employees want to be less tied to their actual office spaces.

  • Be open with your team about the expectations of work during the holidays – You can’t overcommunicate enough about anything. Be upfront with your team about the holidays and what you expect from them during this time. While you may have certain expectations on when they are the office based on their roles and responsibilities, make sure you communicate how much or how often you like to see them or when they can work remotely without issue.
  • Offer proper tools to help keep communication flowing and accurate should people choose or you allow them to be out of the office. These tools can be online spaces that allow for work to be done anywhere at any time. This helps with workplace flexibility but also allows the sharing of files that are not only secure but also accessible 24/7.
  • If possible, try to avoid big projects or deadlines too close to the holidays or in between them. While you can’t control what others do outside your company, you can take control and try not to assign big projects at the busiest, and somewhat stressful, time of year. If you do need to assign massive projects or workloads, then offer remote access or online tools as an option so that it may lessen the burden they feel by taking a big project.
  • Hold meetings via conference or video call or decide if meetings are needed at all. People’s time is more valuable now than ever before. People are taking the time to be there for their family or at events that mean so much to their loved ones. People don’t want to meet just to meet or simply take up their time. Decide what topics are worth it to you to meet with your employees. From there, you can decide how to meet and what is the most effective avenue for everyone involved. 
  • If you absolutely need to meet or at least want to check in with your key players, then invest in a good video or teleconference system that makes it possible.



While there are many types of systems out there that one can utilize for their conferencing needs, make sure to choose one that is dependable and not restricted in its use among your team.

Video conferencing guru, 8×8, offers the perfect setup for any company looking at keeping their team in the loop, especially at a time when most people would rather be out of the office. They have a plethora of video and teleconference options for those looking for the best way to keep people informed of company updates in this digital era.

8×8 is a browser-based (like Chrome) system that requires no download to use among your team. There is also no limit on time usage and you have access to unlimited meetings should you need to meet with people at the last minute. Their system utilizes a cloud platform that makes it available anytime you need it.

They can tailor their program needs to the industry you’re in and offer both small business and enterprise packages based on your company’s size. No worries on if you are a two-person team or a 1,000 + team, 8×8 has you covered with a variety of packages based on the desires and needs of your company.

Due to customers wanting solutions to their problems almost immediately, 8×8 makes sure you don’t fall behind the competition in your industry by being there for you when you need it the most. As part of their commitment to ensuring reliability on their end, 8×8 helps companies move at the speed of business by providing one cloud communications solution that’s simple to manage and use. There’s no complicated setup or wasted IT time. In essence, 8×8 helps to accelerate your business no matter the day, time or location to help you focus on customer and employee satisfaction.

This is the perfect way to help not only keep in touch with your team but to also let them know that working remotely is possible for them. This product is a win-win tool for both your company and employees. You can keep in the loop on the status of their work, and they may be more inclined to work or take on more projects since they can do their work anywhere at any time.

8×8  is free to use!! Check it out to get the most out of your experience with their programs.

As you prepare for your own holiday celebrations, take note of what matters most to you during this time. While business never really leaves us, it does help to make it less of a burden for when we return from the holidays with our loved ones when we can handle it on our own time. Make the same available for employees, who want the same freedom as you do when it comes to enjoying the holidays with those they love the most outside of the office.

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