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5 Tips To Know How To Create Your Own Cryptocurrency

There are hundreds if not thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market. Facebook recently announced that they are launching Libra, a new cryptocurrency that may revolutionize online payments.

Have you ever wanted to create your own crypto . It’s not really rocketing science. With the right guideline, you can have your own currency. Below we highlight tips that you should know when making your own cryptocurrency.  Here are 5 tips to help you create your own cryptocurrency.

Have a community

This is the first step to make your own cryptocurrency. You need to find a community where you build your currency around than instead of building a currency and expecting people to show up. You should keep in mind the community’s cultural heritage and background 

Build a blockchain

Another tip to have in mind is how to build a blockchain. This requires some serious coding. If you don’t have the knowledge, you can simply partner with someone who has computer programming skills to aid you. You can choose to have your own customized blockchain to gain control over your own currency. A new blockchain will enable you to set the greatest supply of coins, rate of coin issue and size of the blockchain. You can have unique and cool coin features.

You can choose to create a bitcoin fork where you rely on an open-source code for your cryptocurrency. The beauty of open source code is having a secure and reliable platform that will prevent cyber-attacks from hackers.  You save on time, as you don’t have to carry out coding and developing processes. Using this method you are sure of getting built-in exchanges from which people can trade your new currency.

Look for miners

Miners in the network are very crucial in verifying transactions. Communicate the idea and purpose of the coin and create a good relationship with miners. You need to be in good terms with miners to start raising currency awareness among people and generate profits.

Ensure security of the currency

While creating your own currency you should make sure it’s safe and reliable. Do substantial research of other cryptocurrencies and see if yours has loopholes. This is the weak point that hackers seek to exploit. A faulty currency is harmful to investors and clients. It may result in a bad name which can tamper with the coins’ performance.


As a business person seeking to make a profit, you need to market your currency. This way people can start to mine it and have a place to spend it. You need to convince people, what you have created has value and they can trust it.

You can take part in Initial Coin Offering to introduce your coin to the public to gain money from investors. This form of marketing will help you in promoting your currency to get the right people who will back you during the public offer. 


The tips stated above will help you make your own cryptocurrency. However, you need to be patient when treading in cryptocurrency trading business. It takes time to actively pursue a dream of making your currency does exceedingly well and generate a good profit return. Don’t rush the process to take time and watch your cryptocurrency grow. 

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