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Why Corporate Retreats Are Good for Productivity

A growing trend in the business world is corporate retreats. No matter if you’re a small business or a large corporation, there are all sorts of benefits to hosting an annual retreat that company management and employees can attend. One of the most important benefits is an increase in productivity.

So how does time away from the office make employees more productive? Here’s how corporate retreats help employees to better focus once they return to the workplace.

Improve Employee Relationships

It can be extremely hard to develop meaningful relationships in the workplace, especially in a fast-paced office where everyone is always engulfed in their own tasks and deadlines. With a corporate retreat, you give employees the ideal environment to learn about their coworkers. Corporate retreats encourage close bonding, which increases trust and communication between employees.

In fact, a study conducted by The McKinsey Global Institute found that productivity increases by 20-25% in companies with connected employees. By giving employees the opportunity to learn about each other, the end result will be an uptick in productivity, which means less missed project deadlines and overdue tasks.

Reduce Stress

Workplace stress is real. Working long days to meet deadlines can take a serious toll on one’s mental and physical health. It also impacts productivity as being stressed tends to make it much harder to focus. In fact, 57% of employees who are stressed at work also felt disengaged and less productive.

So how can a corporate retreat help? The fact is that simply being away from the office environment can have a huge effect on stress levels. Even though a company retreat is designed for professional growth and learning, it can also be a great opportunity for employees to relax and rejuvenate.

For example, a Hudson Valley retreat at the right venue offers meeting rooms and classrooms to discuss business goals and for open communication. At the same time, this type of retreat offers employees the opportunity to spend time in nature, taking in beautiful views and plenty of fresh air. This gives the mind, body, and soul a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the office.

Increase Engagement

If you’re like most business owners, chances are that you don’t communicate with your workforce as often as you should. The fact is that we all have jam-packed work days and it can be hard to find time to send an email or to conduct a workforce pulse check.

With a corporate retreat, you can have face time with all of your employees. During a retreat, you can engage with your workforce by:

  • Sharing new company goals
  • Providing a vision for next year
  • Discussing issues and figuring out ways to resolve them
  • Offering an open forum for employees to discuss their thoughts

This type of engagement is greatly beneficial in making your workforce feel connected, involved, and valued.

So how does this benefit productivity? According to one survey, companies with engaged employees outperform companies without by 202%. When employees feel valued and appreciated, they’re more likely to put in plenty of focus and effort.

Increase Morale

One factor that greatly affects employee turnover, is company morale. If your company morale is high, this more than likely means that employees are happy with their job and the overall company. High morale decreases the risk of low retention, poor engagement, and problems with productivity.

With a corporate retreat, your employees will feel valued and important. Many will see a retreat as a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication to the company. When employees feel that their work hasn’t gone unnoticed, they’re more likely to continue to work at a high level.

While you could reward employees with a cash bonus or a time off award, there’s really nothing as beneficial and unique as a corporate retreat. Not only do employees get time to relax, but they also have a chance to interface with management and to express their ideas.

Learn New Skills

An effective retreat not only gives employees a break from the office, but it also allows them to learn new skills or to spotlight skills that they didn’t know they had. For example, hosting a leadership retreat will allow employees to learn tips and tricks for becoming a successful manager. This type of retreat enables you to see which employees are emerging leaders in the company.

Learning new skills or improving skills an employee already has is a great way to boost productivity. When you learn something new about yourself, it’s only natural to want to put those skills to good use!


Corporate retreats are greatly beneficial for companies of all types and sizes. With improved productivity, you can increase sales, meet deadlines, and even improve customer service. When employees are more productive and focused, the benefits are truly endless.

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