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What services does a freight forwarder provide?


If you have the task of getting your company’s products from one place to another, you have probably gotten an advertisement or two from freight forwarding services. You may wonder just what a freight forwarder can do for you.

 A forwarder’s job is complex and requires special training. They are not only responsible for making sure their client’s goods get where they are going, but they must ensure that the shipment is compliant with all laws. According to the website https://dedola.com/solutions/air-freight/,  A freight forwarder’s main responsibility is to act as a conduit between the shipper and the transportation services being used. There are a few services that a freight forwarder should be expected to provide. 


Document Preparation

There are quite a few documents that are required for any shipment. The documents necessary will depend on the kind of product you are shipping and where the shipment is going.

All shipments will require a packing list with details of how the products were packed. It will describe the types of products shipped, their size and weight, and the size and type of the crates into which they were packed. It will also have a freight quote which is a price estimate of the amount of money the shipment will cost you.


 They will pack a commercial invoice detailing the value of the products and the address and contact information of the shipper and receiver. They will also pack a booking confirmation for the shipment’s primary mode of transportation. It will have information about the product, the crates, and the route your product will take from start to finish.


Other documentation may include:


Arrangement for Warehousing

A shipment for import has a long journey across the sea. It must be transported to the docks and then onto the ship itself. When its boat ride ends, it must be transferred to a truck, plane, or train. There might even be multiple forms of ground transportation. 

Shipping is not a seamless process, and your product might have to be stored for a day or two after it gets off the boat. Hence, a freight forwarder will arrange for any necessary warehousing your product needs while it is on the way to your customer.

A lot can happen to a shipment when it is on the high seas. It may get damaged by water or wind, or the crew may have to lighten their load and throw it overboard for safety reasons. That is why a freight forwarder will make sure that your products have cargo insurance.

Cargo Space and Consolidation

Arranging for an air shipment can be a frustrating task, but a forwarder can find a flight leaving on a certain day that has just enough room for a shipment. 

Ocean freight shipping crates are huge, and if you are a small company, it is unlikely that your product will fill a whole crate. That’s why a freight forwarder can arrange for you to share a crate with another company.


The shipping industry would be lost without its freight forwarders. They keep everything running smoothly, enabling you to share your product with the world. 

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