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5 Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset


The growth mindset is a psychological concept that’s been gaining traction among educators and researchers over the past few decades. It is a way of thinking about learning that focuses on effort rather than innate ability. It’s also a philosophy for life; it teaches you to focus on what you can do to improve yourself rather than dwelling on mistakes or shortcomings. 

However, there are many benefits to having a growth mindset in business too. We’ll dive into how to develop a growth mindset so that your can reach a new level of accomplishment in your business and in life.

Evaluate Your Current Mindset

How can you evaluate your current mindset and determine if you have a fixed one? To figure out whether you have a fixed mindset, you can start by answering these questions:

  • How often do you feel like you’re a failure?
  • How often do you feel like your intelligence is fixed rather than something that can be developed over time?
  • Do you think of yourself as a person who has potential or one who is limited by their current skills and knowledge?

Thinking about these questions makes you uncomfortable and could mean that they’re important to your development.

For example, if someone tells themselves that their test scores reflect their true intelligence level, even if those scores are lower than average—and believes that they were born with limited mental faculties, this person has likely adopted a fixed mindset. They see their intelligence as an immutable characteristic rather than something they can improve upon with hard work or practice.

Seek to Learn as Much as Possible

A growth mindset encourages you to seek out as much learning as possible, regardless of whether it’s something you’re already good at or not. People with a growth mindset believe they can learn anything if they put in the time and effort. They’ll also be more willing to ask for help when needed and be open to criticism from others.

  • Learn from mistakes

Being open to failure and mistakes is important because they’re the best way to learn. When we fail, we get a chance to look at what went wrong and try again so that we can do even better next time!

  • Learn from others regardless of age

If you find someone who has done something well, ask them how they did it. They may have several different tips that will help you improve your skillset or provide an opportunity for new ideas and perspectives on how things can be done differently in the future.

The key is to listen with an open mind and not just accept everything you hear; only take what works for you.

Find New Challenges

Find a new challenge. One of the most important factors in developing a growth mindset is constantly seeking new challenges. You can do this by finding ways to challenge yourself at work or in your personal life, but it’s also important to keep an open mind when trying something new. For example, if you love running, consider trying cross-training with cycling or swimming as well.

Looking for a way to expand your horizons? Try something new. Here are some ideas:

  • Explore a new marketing strategy
  • Try a different product or service
  • Set the goal to increase your least profitable product or service’s sales by 10%

Find something challenging and make time for it.

Surround Yourself with People Who Have the Right Mindset

Your network can be one of the most important factors in determining whether you develop a growth mindset. If you’re interested in developing a growth mindset, you should seek out those individuals and groups that share your passion. You will also want to surround yourself with people with a growth mindset.

Please do your best to avoid people with a fixed mindset; they’ll only drag down your efforts and discourage you from continuing your journey. Remember: these people believe that intelligence and ability are innate rather than something that can be developed through hard work. They’ll hold onto their ideas about how things should be instead of questioning them and looking for ways they might be wrong (or right).

Keep practicing the Growth Mindset

The most important part of growing your mindset is to keep practicing it. You can’t just learn about the Growth Mindset once and expect to get it right. You must keep making mistakes, asking for help, changing your mind, and trying new things until you’ve mastered this approach to life. It’s not easy work, but if you do it consistently and with patience, you’ll build yourself into someone who stays motivated in the face of failure—and ultimately becomes unstoppable!


There are so many good things that happen to your business if you can practice a growth mindset.With a growth mindset, you’re more likely to keep working on your goals despite setbacks. You may even find that your setbacks are the best thing for you! In any case, it’s important to remember that the growth mindset is something we can always improve on—and it will help us succeed even in the face of challenges.

Jazmin Merriman
Team Writer: Jazmin Merriman is a writer, studying to become a Family and Marriage Therapist. She loves writing about minimalism, business, finances and lifestyle. She likes to inspire people to live a more intentional life by showing them what she does as an example.

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Team Writer: Jazmin Merriman is a writer, studying to become a Family and Marriage Therapist. She loves writing about minimalism, business, finances and lifestyle. She likes to inspire people to live a more intentional life by showing them what she does as an example.

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