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[Video] How Color Influences If Your Customers Will Buy

With online sales competition increasing, businesses are going to learn how to become smarter when selling to customers.  A number of online and offline marketing strategies may work to help get exposure to a brand’s product, but what determines if they purchase that product?

Researchers at Ohio State University say that the color used makes the difference between a sale or no sale.  Using color has always been superior to using black and white.  But that may not always be the case.

When customers see images in black and white, it is similar to viewing something using night vision.  Our eyes tend to filter out the details to see what is important.

“We suggest [businesses] use black in white if they want to promote the most important feature of the product.”, says Consumer Psycologist at The Ohio State University, Xaioyan Deng, PhD.

Does that mean that you should use black and white for all of your products?  Not necessarily.  A research study showed that customers 50% of participants were willing to pay more for a product that was advertised in color even though the product had useless features and was more expensive than a comparable product.

So what does this all mean?  Well, the bottom line is if you want customers to see details put it in color.  If you want customers to ignore the small details and focus on key features, put it in black and white.

Check out the video by Inside Science to learn more.

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