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Toptal Features: Is It The the Right Freelancing Software for Me?

Are you trying to use Toptal to recruit new talent? Find out more about it in this guide!

Getting freelance work can be difficult. Some sites have a hard time discerning the difference between good and bad freelancers and clients. However, Toptal is the one freelancer platform that’s ready to break the mold.

And in this Toptal features review, you’ll get a clear overview of how this platform is great for both clients and freelancers. After that, it is up to you to decide if Toptal is the right service for you. So are you ready?


Let’s start!


Trial Period

One thing that sets Toptal apart from its competitors is the Trial Period. This period gives their clients a max of 2 weeks to try a freelancer with no charge. However, if the client is not satisfied with the freelancer’s performance, Toptal repeats the trial process with up to 5 different freelancers.

This is a great opportunity for clients to find the right candidate for their project.



Toptal requires their clients to pay a fee of $500 for each arrangement. This amount is then adjusted in the first invoice or it’s returned if the trial case fails. The company that doesn’t make it explicit on how much they take from the total amount and how much is given to the freelancer.

Caution for Freelancers: Toptal allows freelancers to set his/her hourly rates, but there has bee some occasions where a company would set another country-specific range.



Toptal is one of the best freelancer seeking option for most business due to its employee screening process. With its intensive interviewing process, only 3% of the applicants are accepted through their review section.

Toptal has a small client base compared to other market players. As a result, this reflects the company’s goal to provide a tailored service to their clients. Their goal is always to target the clients that demand nothing but the best service available.



For clients, Toptal has an intuitive, user-friendly, and organized design. The sign-up process can be a bit lengthy, and they do require some mandatory information such as your Skype ID and phone number.

After you’ve successfully registered, clients are directed to a call by a Toptal representative to speak about their future plans and requirements for their projects.



For freelancers, you can register to partake in Toptal’s platform. After 2-3 days of registrations, freelancers can get a confirmation to enter the screening process. If they are selected, the freelancer makes their own profile on Toptal’s system highlighting their educational skills, relevant skills, availability, an hourly charge, etc.

Clients can select for the desired skill and look through a list of freelancers that can help them complete their project. Toptal’s website is filled with resources and guidance, making it easier for users to use their platform.



To conclude, Toptal is a great service if you’re looking for work or a freelancer trying to get recognized for his/her talents. After getting through the registration process, you can finally receive the expertise you need. Once you get used to its interface, you’ll find it easy to get service for any project that you’re currently taking.


Do you have any questions about using Toptal?


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