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This is the #1 FEAR people have about leaving their job for full-time entrepreneurship. Here is how to fight it.

What’s the biggest fear most have about leaving your job for full-time entrepreneurship?

Is it a fear of losing out on benefits like health insurance and 401k matching?


Is it a fear of failing and having to get another job?

This was a close second but not the #1 answer.


For the past few weeks we polled our Twitter followers (170,000 followers) and asked them this question:

What’s the biggest fear you have about leaving your job for full-time entrepreneurship?  

An overwhelming number agreed, the biggest fear they have about leaving their job for full-time entrepreneurship is:


Losing their bi-weekly paycheck


Having a paycheck coming in every other week is a tough thing to walk away from.  But to become a successful entrepreneur, you must be able to think beyond the next 2 weeks.





We polled several times and on average, 55% of those that voted selected losing regular paychecks as their biggest fear.


When I left my job to run my business, I was so tempted to get a job when the money wasn’t coming in as fast as I would have liked.  But because I eliminated my dependency of having a paycheck before I left my job, I hung in there until the business began paying me a consistent salary.


One of my favorite sections  in our upcoming course entitled Stop Thinking Like an Employee, will show you how to get over your fear of losing your bi-weekly paycheck and also show you how to eliminate your dependency on your paycheck.


You cannot succeed as an entrepreneur if you are still thinking and acting like an employee!


We can’t stress this enough. Truth is, many entrepreneurs are still thinking and running their businesses like employees.


This is why we have developed this course.


All of those terrible employee habits that you picked up while working a job, have followed you to your business.

You’re spending your time on the wrong things.

You’re procrastinating waaay too much.

You’re dependent on your bi-weekly paychecks.

You’re afraid of failure.

You don’t know how to take and mitigate risk.

And several other things.

Stop Thinking Like an Employee is a one-of-a-kind transformational course that will help you ditch the employee mindset and employee habits that are keeping you trapped in your job or a business that is barely making it.

You can sign up for it right here!


The course will be available all month long!  But we are offering an discount for the first 15 days of the year.  We will be taking 50% off the price of $259 to $125!  Use this link to claim your discount.


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