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The Benefits of OCR Systems for Your Business

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OCR technology was first created in the 1990’s as a means to improve business efficiencies with regard to document collection, handling, and storage. Many companies, especially large conglomerates, have entire floors dedicated to storing files. This is a waste of space and overhead, as OCR is now able to eliminate the need for these facilities.

OCR works by scanning incoming documents and identifying keywords which enable it to index the document, check it for validity and the upload it directly to your document management system. The power of OCR can completely revolutionize the way your company does business.

OCR technology can tell the difference between background and test, analyzing photos and touching up any that may be of poor quality. OCR can read images, graphs, charts, and font-type, automatically adjusting these components of the document to meet your company’s standardized document layout and format. OCR is capable of discerning different languages, as well as reading symbols and characters in the document.

OCR technology has come far from its initial inception back in the nineties and it has continually evolved as the internet has become more entrenched in the way businesses operate. Today’s OCR systems are powerhouses that can dramatically reduce your downtime involved with document retrieval and processing.

Do the desks of your employee’s overflow with paperwork? Get rid of paper systems for good by implementing an OCR. OCR works in combination with PDF files and gives you the power to edit your documents as you see fit. Learning how to use OCR and PDF will benefit your organization and it is easy to train your staff in the nuances of the files, for example, here is how to rotate your PDF, a simple task that can be done in a second with a few clicks of a mouse.

The power of OCR makes businesses run like well-oiled machines and improves productivity. Here are some benefits that you can expect from implementing a customized OCR solution in your company.

  • Do away with costly overheads related to document storage and filing.
  • Turn your physical archive into a virtual database that securely stores your company’s data.
  • Eliminate manual data collection and entry while improving data accuracy.
  • Never lose or misplace a document again.
  • Improve your customer service by keeping your client records immediately accessible to your team.
  • Stay in compliance with data regulations.

There are so many advantages to using OCR and PDF technology in your business, these are just a few of the general benefits that will help out any small, medium, or large size business. The functionality of OCR is incredible and extends to far more than just the benefits listed above. Here are three other ways in which OCR technology can improve your business systems.

#1 The Power of Using OCR and the Cloud

The cloud has revolutionized virtual document storage and access to company data. The cloud allows you to get rid of any existing physical record archives and turn them into virtual documents that can be readily accessed by your team from any location in the world via a mobile device. OCR and the power of the cloud reduce downtime and improve document handling efficiencies.

#2 OCR and Mailroom Automation

Automate your mailroom with OCR technology. Large conglomerates will definitely benefit from this amazing feature. OCR reads incoming mail and identifies keywords, indexing the document on the DMS and notifying the relevant team members of their new, or updated, document.

#3 Creating Digital Automatic forms

Paper processes will be a thing of the past with an OCR system for your business. Create digital automatic forms that can be completed online and then processed immediately by the OCR. The data will be checked for validity and its authenticity before it is transferred to the DMS for secure storage in the cloud.

In Closing

OCR technology has continually evolved to meet the needs of businesses and their document storage, processing, and handling. With the ever-evolving online world, OCR will continue to grow and be held in regard as the gold standard of document management systems. If you think that your business could benefit from its features, then make an appointment with an OCR specialist to discuss how you can implement your own customized OCR system.

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