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Starting a Restaurant? Here are Some Bar Decorating and Bar Design Ideas

The process of preparing to decorate and design a bar may be both thrilling and intimidating. It can be difficult to narrow down the bar design that you want to achieve when you have a million concepts and thoughts racing through your head. Whether you are opening your first bar or simply revamping your existing one, we have listed some bar design ideas and recommendations that you should consider.

Restaurant Bar Design

When creating a bar for a restaurant, the first thing you should consider is the setting and customer base. An expensive restaurant and bar, for example, may not perform effectively in an atmosphere where there is no consumer interest or when clients are unwilling to spend a considerable amount of money at a bar. Surveying the area is the best method to learn what people are interested in.

After you’ve figured out who your customers are, you can start creating your bar. Here are some things to think about while constructing a commercial bar:

Maintain your brand identity. You want to create a bar that complements the mood and ambiance of your business. Make sure you have a consistent restaurant and bar space so that you can provide a memorable experience for your clients.

Take a look at your kitchen. If you intend to serve bar food, it is critical to evaluate where your bar will be positioned in relation to your kitchen. You’ll want your kitchen close enough to your bar and tables to serve food hot and quickly.

Take care of your own space. Confirm the amount of space you have available. You will also need to select furniture for your bar. Take into account that you will most likely want to build foot rails and service bar rails as well.

Check that you have the correct bar height. The normal bar height is 42″ and should be coupled with a 30″ high bar stool. This will ensure that your customers are at ease in your bar’s chairs.

Bar Decor

When it comes to bar decor, choose a concept that you wish to attain. You should also ensure that your decor complements your business and the food and beverages you intend to provide. Here are some bar decorating ideas:

Select lighting that is pleasing to the eye. Lighting is critical in your bar area. Experiment with various lighting types and dimmer controls. Bars are often dimly lighted, but if you plan to have a dining area, you should consider installing overhead lighting above tables.

Investigate music and bands to feature. Whether you want to create a playlist for your bar or incorporate live music, you should think about what music genres will work best with your theme and customer demographic.

Choose some wall art. Whether you want to create a sports theme, a fun nightclub, or a high-end bar, your decor will help you reach your goals.

Install fixtures and decorative accents. Aesthetic décor combined with wall art can assist you in creating a well-designed bar. If your surroundings is visually pleasing, more customers will take pictures and post them on social media with their friends.

Choose your bar glasses. The sort of glassware you purchase will be determined by the cocktails you intend to serve. Moscow mules are typically served in a copper cup, while beer and cider are served in beer glasses.

Choose your furnishings and table tops. If you have the funds, you should invest in stain-resistant table tops and chairs to deal with the inevitable spills in your bar area. Make sure your furniture complements the theme of your bar and fits in the available area.

Whether you are redesigning or launching a new bar, it is critical to create a brand for your establishment and carry it out throughout the entire venue. Create a design that will appeal to customers in your area.

Restaurants, sports bars, and outdoor bars all cater to a particular demographic that varies greatly depending on where you are. Creating a bar design that works for you and your customer base will assist you in running a successful bar. If you need help to design your bar contact our team at Restaurant Furniture.net!

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