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Everything You Need to Know About Tax Relief: Tax Deduction and Tax Credit

It is public knowledge that taxes generally boost the country’s economy. However, during the last few years, a new term has emerged regarding taxes; the meaning and the way it works is still not known to many people – tax relief. Tax relief refers to any government initiative or policy that assists people and companies in lowering their taxes or resolving tax-related obligations.

So, it can help you save for a goal or retirement, and it can also help you reduce your tax burden. You’ve probably heard a lot about how certain tax laws could benefit you and your family — and how some could cost you. Those are both true. But the question is: What do you need to know about tax relief?

This article combines some of the primary things you need to know about tax relief; specifically, it focuses on two forms of tax relief: tax deduction and tax credit. If you know how to implement them properly, then both forms can help you save a good amount of money.   

What is Tax Deduction?

A tax deduction is a process through which the year’s taxable income is decreased, which, in turn, lowers your tax bill.  Here you can find abcactionnews.com the best tax prep software 2022.

Tax Deduction Reasons 

Large Family

Usually, you can get a tax deduction in most countries if you have a large family. For instance, if the family has more than 4 children, it is already considered as large, so the chances of getting a tax deduction are higher.


Again, depending on the country, mothers working and having a child under the age of three will most possibly get a tax deduction.


In case the person experiences some disability, the degree of which is higher than 30%, the government might also provide a tax deduction to these people. Of course, their disability should be provided by the proper documents signed by the doctor.

Environmentally-friendly projects

In some countries, such as Spain, the government might reward the organizations which aim to do something better for the environment we live in. In some cases, this reward might be in the form of a tax deduction.

Technological Advancement projects

Like with the previous cases, some countries, most of which are situated in the Caucasus, provide support to these IT companies with a reward of deducting their taxes, believing that these companies can, in reality, make a lot of improvements within the country.

Self-employed people

With the outbreak of COVID19, many people have started working from home, even if the virus is already retreating. That is the reason why many governments across the world have been deducting their taxes.

What is Tax Credit?

Tax Credit is the second form of tax relief. Compared to the tax deductions, tax credits reduce the amount of tax the person has, but not the taxable income. Tax credit consists of three basic types: refundable, nonrefundable, and partially refundable.

Tax Credit Types


Refundable tax credits are the most advantageous since they are paid in full. This implies that a taxpayer is entitled to the full amount of the credit, regardless of income or tax due.


Nonrefundable tax credits are only applicable for the reporting year, expire after the return is submitted, and cannot be carried over to subsequent years. As a result, nonrefundable tax credits can have a detrimental impact on low-income taxpayers since they frequently cannot spend the whole amount of the credit.

Partially Refundable

As we can sum up in front of the previous two types, this type is about the tax credits that are only partially refunded.

To conclude, the importance of having some basic knowledge about tax reliefs and their forms, tax deduction, and the tax credit is essential as they make up a very big part of our lives. This article summed up some of the main information you need to know about tax relief, including its definition, two forms- tax credits, and tax deductions. In addition, we also talked about the reasons a person/organization can get a deduction and three main types of tax credit- refundable, nonrefundable, and partially refundable. Out of the mentioned types, the refundable is the most beneficial one.

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