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Ideazon: Who Is The Brand Behind The Keyboards?


Ideazon is most widely known as a keyboard manufacturer for gaming companies. It gained popularity among PC gamers in its earliest years, with such products as the Zboard keyboard which featured different keysets for different games.

It grew to be one of the leading companies that specialize on the design, manufacture and marketing of gaming peripherals like keyboards, mouse pads, game and application key systems. What many people don’t know is that Ideazon is actually a crowdfunding marketing agency. Ideazon has been helping clients create marketing campaigns that both inform and resonate with target audiences.

More than Just Keyboards

Ideazon was initially known as a keyboard company but today they are more known for their marketing and crowdfunding success. The company works with entrepreneurs to get funding for new ideas, inventions, and startups while ensuring that they can retain full control of their idea and the enterprise.

Ideazon is a crowdfund marketing agency that allows entrepreneurs to generate solid funding for their ideas. Entrepreneurs looking for funding on such as platforms as Indiegogo and Kickstarter can gain better exposure when ideas needing funding are marketed the right way to the right audience.

The company employs a 3-step process that starts with building interest, generating traffic and formulating a conversion system to turn mere bystanders into backers. Services include generation of a pre-launch marketing strategy, building exposure prior to launch, complete PR management, and full-scale social media marketing campaign to generate maximum exposure of the project. All these are done according to a set time frame, so the entrepreneur can evaluate how effective these strategies are at meeting financial goals.

Fast Facts About Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is one way to gather funds for a startup or a business idea from many people. It is usually done through the Internet in such platforms as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, with individual contributions considerably smaller than those generated from venture capitalist investors.

In most cases, the company presells the product in exchange for contributions. Contributors are compensated by being given priority access to the product or service once it hits the market. Entrepreneurs can also utilize a tiered incentive structure to lure larger contributions in exchange for special perks.

Crowdfunding allows entrepreneurs to retain full creative and operational control over the company, unlike in venture capitalism where investors can gain equity and therefore control over the company and how it’s run. However, entrepreneurs can also opt to offer shares of the company to contributors in exchange for the money pledged. This is common among campaigns that wish to generate larger sums of funding within a specific time frame.

How to Get Your Idea Funded Today

Got an idea that could change the world? Ideazon has years of experience working with entrepreneurs from across all fields and this expertise is what you need to get your idea noticed. You may have the next idea that could change the world of gaming, online payments, smart farming, or social networking but without the right exposure, this potential innovation will continue to gather dust.

Learn more about the company at ideazon.com and schedule your free telephone consult. You can also get the latest updates and trends in crowdfunding by following their Facebook and Twitter pages. Turn your ideas into reality today. Get in touch with Ideazon now!

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