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How the Cloud Can Make the Government More Transparent and Efficient


It’s no secret that our government offices are overloaded with work.  The sheer amount of data that transfers through the different offices on the hill can be tedious and confusing.

But, using cloud technology can do quite a bit to streamline the way the government operates.  Here are three ways that using cloud technology can help Capitol Hill more transparent and efficient.

Could-Technology Makes a More Agile Environment

Applications that run on the cloud run faster than those stored locally.  Also, cloud-based software frees up storage space, and applications are accessible from anywhere.

But fast and less storage is just the beginning of the agile benefits.  Let’s talk about updates. Remember when a new version of Office launched, and you had to go drop a couple hundred dollars on the latest suit?  Then, you had to pay someone to install it on all of your systems. That’s a lot of money spent on labor hours.

Let’s not even broach the subject of keeping track of software licenses.  Remember that nightmare?

With cloud-based software, aging applications are managed on the cloud.  And software licenses are sold in different subscription bundles.

What that means is there’s no in-house maintenance.  So, government IT workers can worry less about updating the office staff’s Word suite and who is bring in a pirated version of Photoshop, and more about important government IT issues.


Access to Information

When everything is stored in one centralized location, access to information is simple.  So, the government worker who is out in the field has access to the same information as the person in the office.  Cloud technology allows workers to get out from behind their desks and out into the public sector.

Also, cloud technology allows you to work from anywhere. Think about how this could benefit someone in public education.  Teachers and principals have access to their students’ information when they are out of the school. This gives teachers the opportunity to plan lessons from home instead of staying late at school.

And that’s just one government sector.  Imagine the grant management sectors of the government.  Those who oversee funding grants would be able to review and approve or decline grants much more efficiently.


Improved Security

Government is under constant cybersecurity threats.  And, being able to react to these threats quickly is essential—especially in the government sector.

Hackers often look for holes in the hardware.  But, cloud-based technology can help to mitigate threats.  The reason? Files that sit on cloud servers are encrypted. That means that any hacker would need to be able to crack the encryptions to read the information in your files.



In times where we are working hard to cut excessive government spending, the cloud technology is coming into play at the perfect time. It will provide a lower cost option with the ability to consolidate the existing hardware.  There are also the automation aspects that will significantly reduce time spent therefore saving money.
Cloud-based technology will only help to serve the government as a whole.  With budget constraints becoming increasingly important, taking advantage of time-saving technology is the only way that we can go.

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