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How LendPlus Grew From A Start Up To A Multimillion Dollar Mortgage Broker

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Founded in 2007, LendPlus is the only lender that provides fully integrated services encompassing underwriting, processing and funding. The entity operates as a realty brokerage service provider, non-bank originator and provides escrow services. The organization’s phenomenal growth is driven by its commitment to provide innovative solutions that provide real value to customers. It has become a multimillion dollar business thanks to solution-oriented customer care.

Its world-class mortgage services enables homeowners to save a significant amount of money regardless of current interest rates.

Who is LendPlus?

LendPlus Financial is one of the leading non-bank residential mortgage firms and full-service direct lender. The entity leverages its partnerships with realtor companies to help clients achieve their mortgage goals. It continues to refine its range of financial services with the aim to ensure customer satisfaction. It achieves these objectives without inflating rates.

LendPlus’ loan approval process works in a timely fashion in line with the lender’s superior customer service charter. A proprietary software program designed to streamline the processing and approvals handles the processes. The technology also makes it easier to ensure transparency across four retail production channels.

Some of the key services offered by the lender include USDA loans, GSE Agency Conventional loans, FHA loans, Jumbo loans and VA loans. In addition, LendPlus offers access to reverse mortgages or home equity conversion mortgage loans.

How LendPlus’ Process Has Helped Their Success

LendPlus’ loan application process plays a huge role in ensuring favorable customer experiences. Loans can be approved in as little as three weeks. This is aimed at providing hassle-free and efficient service that enables customers to realize their funding objectives without delay. Quicker approvals allow homebuyers to secure funds before another buyer takes their dream property.

On another level, customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the lender complies with all regulatory requirements. The entity adheres to a wide variety of disclosure and internal control requirements. The protocols help build trust and openness between the lender and clients, thus making it easier to maintain long-term business relationships. The services are guided by robust risk management practices.

Loan origination is handled internally but some of the loans may be sold on the secondary market. Customers will be notified of any changes to the status of their loans. Terms and conditions of the loans remain the same even if they are sold to third parties.

With an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), LendPlus’ success is attributed to the provision of an outstanding customer experience. The customer support service team is available to provide assistance via email, text and phone. The team consists of knowledgeable and helpful staff who understand customer needs.

Each client is given access to a dedicated agent who handles the loan application process. This ensures a personalized service and creates only one point of contact. This level of prioritization helps LendPlus standout in the market. It comes as no surprise that many people recommend the service provider to friends and family. This is also shown in the number of positive reviews posted by satisfied customers.

LendPlus Reviews

Many happy customers express appreciation about the smooth and efficient loan application process. They also mention the speed at which the applications are handled as some of the reasons they are pleased with LendPlus’ professional service.

Robert and Karen R. outlined their experience by saying that the agent who handled their account was helpful. The couple was given satisfactory answers to key questions, which allowed them to make an informed decisions. Before signing up, Robert and Karen researched thoroughly about the lender. The information they found online bolstered their confidence. They were pleased to discover that LendPlus has an excellent rating on the BBB website.

Meanwhile, another happy customer who posted a positive review under the name The Swan Family chose LendPlus after comparing the lender with other companies. The customer highlighted the world-class service. The agent who handled his escrow account went beyond the call of duty to ensure customer satisfaction. The agent sent regular updates.

The reviewer was also impressed by the attention to detail displayed by the agent. The customer and his wife felt appreciated when they were given high priority. They obtained the best interest rate possible and the transaction made all the difference to their plans.

How LendPlus is Continuing to Grow

Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, LendPlus is a fully licensed service provider. Its management team has over 30 years experience in mortgage banking. The entity can legally operate in seven states, including New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Texas, Alabama, California, Connecticut and Maryland. The organization plans to expand its coverage to 23 more states. The expansion is driven by the success it enjoys in areas it currently operates.

Residents of Scottsdale, AZ can now benefit from the world-class services offered by the lender. A new branch was opened in the area as part of the expansion process that will see LendPlus cover much of the country.

The lender employees hundreds of employees in various parts of the United States. The entity was founded over a decade ago and continues to make great strides in the competitive direct lending market. LendPlus owes its success to the impressive business acumen demonstrated by the management team. The founders entrenched a culture of strong risk management. In addition, they implemented unparalleled compliance, disclosure and strict internal controls.

All mortgages originated by the firm are first lien loans secured by single-family residential properties.

Interested in learning more about LendPlus?

To take advantage of the personalized customer service, reasonable rates and extensive experience in mortgage banking, get in touch with LendPlus. You can reach out via the official website — LendPlus.com. The platform offers a number of useful features, including contact forms, loan calculators and other resources. The loan calculators are designed to help you make the right choice when it comes to loan finance.

In addition to the official website, you can also access useful information via the LendPlusnews.com website. The site publishes regular news updates on issues pertaining to the company’s services. You can also follow LendPlus on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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