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For a limited time we are taking an 20% off of the purchase price of our exclusive book “The Part-Time Entrepreneur: Build a Successful Side Business While Working a Full-Time Job”.

Our book is designed to help you build a part-time business by applying the startup mindset.

Running a business part-time can be difficult, especially when it is in its first stages. Many entrepreneurs begin their business ventures on the side while working another job, often from 9 to 5, so that whatever leisure time is left must be divided between family, friends, and their own project. In these circumstances, it becomes difficult to prioritize an individual venture or take into account life outside of work. “Most people don’t realize you can actually build a successful business without taking the huge risk of leaving your job” This book was written with the part-time entrepreneur in mind.  We want to give you the solutions to the most frustrating problems all part-time entrepreneurs will face.

  • Free and low cost tools to help you run your business
  • Time saving hacks 
  • Managing the stress of running a business and working a job
  • Testing your business idea BEFORE you quit your job
  • and much, MUCH more





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Aaron Patzer, who is the founder of the hugely successful finance website Mint.com, once advised a group of Princeton University students that it may be a good idea to drop out of college, and throw yourself into your business so it can succeed.  Having dropped out of the PhD to eventually sell his company for $170 million, he knows a thing or two about what it takes.  But what if you don’t want to throw away your education or quit your job in order to succeed in your own business?


Enter The Part-Time Entrepreneur


Get It Now for $3.99
 Here are some other things you will learn:

  • Where to find funding
  • What to do with the money you have
  • Marketing and Advertising for the Part-Time Entrepreneur
  • Strategies for selling online and in person
  • and much, MUCH more


If you want to read more, we posted a sample chapter here.

If you’re ready to take action, there are 2 ways to purchase.


  2 Ways to Purchase:

Secured purchase directly from us


Get It Now for $3.99
On Amazon for $5.99  4.80 Kindle ($8.99 paperback)

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