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Features and Benefits of Employee Scheduling Software

Features and Benefits of Employee Scheduling Software

Are you looking for automation software that keeps track of your business activities by providing adequate and relevant data to your employee scheduler? The best employee scheduling software should have details such as schedules, two-way communication between the manager and the employee, and give employees the freedom to manage their own shifts.

This guide aims to help you understand its definition and features that will help you understand the scheduling software in details.

What is an Employee Scheduling Software?

The application is scheduling management platforms that keep the employees and managers in check when it comes to managing time and resources. Workplace automation will create consistent reports on labor costs, productivity, and gives the workers more comfort and satisfaction.

The main functions of the scheduler are to allow for automatic notifications when new schedules become available, shift changes, auto-assignment of shifts, clocking in and out of shifts, creation of time card and payroll importation.

How the Employee Scheduler Helps You

    Introducing Innovation in the Workplace

Some processes like admin tasks may take a huge amount of time that you can use to focus on other operations that need more supervision. When you introduce new technology, you will realize positive efficiency and productivity. The technical solution will solve issues like shift demand swings, employee absence, and scheduling changes.

The employee scheduler gives your employees more satisfaction when they are given time to manage their own schedules while on duty. Self-supervision increases morale and improves performance. You will also realize the reduction of overtime schedules because of the increasing production.

    Brings in Additional Benefits to the Firm

Companies tend to use scheduling software depending on the purpose and requirements the software demands. You may decide what the scheduler can do for you by studying the following benefits:

    Adapting to Employees Absence

When one employee cannot make it for an already available shift, she can look for a replacement. A software that has a shift-swapping feature will allow the available employee to take the schedule and accept it in real-time. The manager will then have an option of approving the change or make the process automatically.

    Enforce Compliance

Taking time to go through documentation and expiry of schedules can take up most of your firm’s time. Many employee scheduler softwares are compliant with relevant regulations. For example, all employees that confirm their schedules through these applications will be seen to comply with industry standards on time management.

    Maintain Consistency

Once you implement this software, your employees’ performance and work attitude will improve giving you the peace of mind and you will no longer be assigning shifts to the entire workforce.

Types of Employee Scheduling Software

We already know how the scheduling software work and provide scheduling solutions matching the company needs. They are of two types:

    Static Employee Scheduler

You buy this if your organization has fixed working hours. They rotate the employees on two or more shifts within 24-hours. The software recalls all schedules and knows which employee it should be working at a particular time of the day. Examples of such industries are hotels and restaurants.

    Dynamic Employee Scheduler

If you deal with a shifting work schedule or those that depend on client location such as those done by technicians, babysitting services, contractors, etc., you need software that allows for employee placement at different times and locations. The software will save you from dealing with conflicting schedules by assigning only those who are free.

Features of an Employee Scheduling Software

    Schedule Overview

You can view periodic reports of saying weekly or monthly report shifts to get a clear understanding of what your employees are doing. You will be able to see who does what and at what time

    Work Management

You can manage and sort your pending bills by isolating billable and non-billable work in the assigned schedules. All your budgetary plans and meeting schedules are visible on the employee scheduler.

    Real-time Communication

Using an employee scheduler you will access to your employees on real-time through voice, texts or by use of mobile applications. All employees on the clock will get urgent information and updates in an instant.

    Resource Forecasting

Brings all the algorithms within the system based on its historical assignment patterns to give a projection on what types and how many resources you need.

    Reporting and Analytics

You will get all the insights on schedules, labor costs, employee, financial reports, calendar schedules, and exportation of data. The summaries define what you need to keep the management abreast on what the staff is doing.


If you run both the employee scheduler and a payroll system, integrating the software for business optimization is possible. Integration also helps in managing time and attendance.


Now that you know what an employee scheduler is all about, you can also look at the emerging trends and compare the features. Look for one with the best innovations and can integrate well within your organization.

In as much the employee scheduler is an automated system, managers need to be alert to correct issues that may arise.

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