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8 Daily Entrepreneur Habits You Should Be Practicing

As an entrepreneur, you are likely stacked with responsibilities as soon as you get up in the morning. Email notifications, customer orders, new product reviews, and questions from your team can make you feel overwhelmed. Trying to take care of all these things can cause stress and can lead to burnout if not managed correctly.

That is why it is important to have some daily habits that will make it easier for you to handle your demanding day. Having good habits will help you stay focused and organized. They will also help you navigate your day by allowing you to tackle things with less effort. Without good daily habits, you may find yourself constantly 

This article is designed to show you that adopting these daily habits will help to improve your overall well-being and your success as a burgeoning entrepreneur. 



Plan Your Day

Keeping a day planner has never been more critical. Some professionals use phone calendars, and others prefer paper planners. Either way, this is essential to keep yourself organized and on track to complete your work efficiently. Prioritizing tasks, creating daily to-do lists, and making notes about your day are vital to entrepreneurial success. 

Even meal planning for the following day will help your schedule flow smoothly. Sitting down at the end of the day and planning your next day’s activities will reduce stress and give clarity. It is proven that keeping a planner will significantly increase productivity levels. Planning helps give you the confidence you need to conquer the day!


Set Goals for the Day

Setting goals will help create new behaviors and guide the focus of your business. Goals foster perpetual momentum in your life. The routines and plans you make daily would all be for nothing if not for an overall purpose.

As an entrepreneur, you will have different types of goals to think about setting daily. To really maximize your potential as well as your business’s, you should want to set both financial and non-financial goals. To get you started on the types of goals that may work best, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What type of financial goals should I have today?
  • What type of personal goals should I set?
  • Which operational goals are most important?
  • What personal productivity goals should I accomplish?
  • What leadership goals do I have to work towards?

Setting daily goals can help you focus on your long-term and medium-term goals. Even though most of your goals may revolve around your business, it is important to consider other goals as well. If becoming a better spouse, father, friend, sister, or member of your community is important to you, then add those goals to your list also.


Reflect on Your Business

Mindfulness will allow you to focus on what is a priority in your business. You must set aside quiet time to reflect and think about your daily operations. When you make time to think quietly, you will be surprised by how new ideas and thoughts will come to you. Take note of your reflections and watch as they help you find ways to improve your business.

 Ask yourself what went right during the day. Then review what didn’t go well. Try to determine why some things went well and according to plan while others didn’t. During this time, don’t spend too much time on the solutions or fixing things right away. However, it is a good idea to jot down some ideas and make notes for you to review later.


Read or Learn Something

There is always a wealth of knowledge available at our fingertips, and it should be taken advantage of. Entrepreneurs are pioneering their way and must lead with skill and understanding. Constantly learning and evolving is the greatest way to grow in all facets of ourselves. 

Warren Buffet says he spends roughly 80% of his time reading, saying, “reading allows knowledge to build up like compound interest.” Keeping your brain fresh with new ideas and information will foster incredible growth. 

Not only this but reading is proven to help aid in relaxation and help you fall asleep faster. One study found that reading a book in bed before going to sleep improved sleep quality. 42% of the subjects studied reported that they felt their sleep quality improved after reading a book before bed. As a busy entrepreneur, you need your sleep!


Stick to a Routine

Speaking of sleep, there’s another thing entrepreneurs need: routine. Busy schedules can often leave you feeling stressed and burned out. Habits are essential to reduce stress and often foster better mental health. Many successful CEOs and athletes adhere to rigorous routines. For instance, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says his daily wellness habits help him tackle issues at work. This includes fasting, five-mile walks, and two hours of meditation daily.

 Although this may seem extreme, the element of the routine at play is what helped Dorsey feel sane when having to deal with his high-profile corporate job. Habits create logical sequences in our brains and help us feel a deep sense of accomplishment. The familiarity and comfortability of a routine will also create a pocket of peace within an otherwise hectic day.


Workout or Do Something Good for Your Body

Moving your body is one of the most important things anyone can do to increase their mental and physical wellness. Movement releases feel-good endorphins in our brains that give us a slight boost of happiness for the day. Not only this, but exercise helps give more meaning to a daily routine. Waking up early and completing a small workout can provide perspective for the coming day. Working out does not have to be an intense session every day; even walking for 30 minutes daily will increase overall mental and physical health.


Review Your Goals

Time can change things, including your personal and business goals. It is wise to take designated time to reassess daily, weekly and monthly goals. Each day review your goals to see which ones are relevant and which need to be reassessed. 

You also want to review your goals to see if you are on track toward reaching them. Charting your goals is a good practice to have. This will allow you to quickly check on your progress and allow you to make any adjustments. 

It is important, however, to note that you shouldn’t just focus on your big goals. Take the time to examine your micro goals too. These smaller goals help contribute to the overall success of your life and business. Be sure they are still relevant and that you are still making progress in achieving them.


Unplug From Work

If there is one central theme in this article, it is the emphasis on wellness. Many times, we need more stress management. It is vital to unplug from your work to maintain a proper work-life balance. Unplugging can be literal in the sense of completely turning off all your devices and going rogue after the day is done. It can also mean recharging your social battery. Some may need alone time, or time with family can keep you grounded in your overall wellness. There are bound to be small time chunks throughout the day that you can disconnect. It is recommended to not check e-mails or log on to your phone first thing in the morning as this can create stress. Even if you only have twenty minutes, it is wise to unplug from work daily.


Entrepreneurship proves to have hardships. With many obstacles to overcome, it is crucial to protect our wellness. Adding these seven habits into your daily life will likely improve your agility and success in your current and future business endeavors.

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Elicia Ronto on Linkedin
Elicia Ronto
Team Writer: Elicia Ronto, is a 30 year-old self-employed safety coordinator and part-time freelance writer. In October 2022, she graduated with her bachelors degree in business administration. Elicia is also a mother to a rambunctious 3 year-old girl and spends any extra time she has cleaning, reading, hitting the gym, or going on small weekend trips. Her goal is to someday pursue freelancing full time.

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Team Writer: Elicia Ronto, is a 30 year-old self-employed safety coordinator and part-time freelance writer. In October 2022, she graduated with her bachelors degree in business administration. Elicia is also a mother to a rambunctious 3 year-old girl and spends any extra time she has cleaning, reading, hitting the gym, or going on small weekend trips. Her goal is to someday pursue freelancing full time.

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